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One more post for the road as I think this is a more appropriate last post and helps sums up what we’ve been saying for over a month now. (And of course reps lie.)
selenagomez purity ring

This was the day we’ve been waiting for.

As we have said, Selena Gomez always wears her purity ring to big events and the People’s Choice is one of the biggest. No purity ring this time. But I do see a sparkling diamond bracelet (which Justin’s rep has denied). And even if that isn’t the diamond bracelet that JB gave her is she trying to send a message by wearing one instead of her purity ring when there are reports that he bought her a diamond bracelet and not wearing her purity ring when there are reports that she stopped wearing one fo JB? Hmmmmm…. Something to think about.

So is she no longer pure? Or is she sending a statement just days after being photographed kissing Justin Bieber?
Btw, Selena Gomez and her band The Scene beat Justin in the Breakthrough Artist category. Shocking.
Thanks everyone. And always support and celebrate Justin Bieber <333

Twitter was crazy last night with Beliebers vs Beliebers.

I understand both sides but for those that don’t understand why some of us seem to have such a problem with what’s going on then read this article:

Justin Bieber: I would never delete my Twitter account

Justin Bieber has insisted that he has no plans to delete his Twitter account – because he likes using it to control gossip about him.

The U Smile singer went on the social networking website today to dispel the rumours that he was going to get rid of his account.

He tweeted: ‘Woke up to today’s rumour that I was going to delete my Twitter [account]. Nope. Never that. Where did that [rumour] even come from? I love talking to you all here.

‘Thanks to Twitter, rumours can’t run wild. We talk directly. We know what it is. People can say what they want, but me and my fans have a bond.’

Meanwhile, Disney star Selena Gomez has recently received a string of death threats, after she was pictured kissing the teenage pop star while holidaying on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, according to reports.

Bieber’s fans have reportedly posted several hostile messages to the 18-year-old actress-singer on Twitter.


This is a perfect example of why I have a problem with them not admitting to their relationship.

Through Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, Justin (and Scooter) have always communicated straight to the fans. Whether to dispel rumors or to let us know what he is up to today, Bieber and Beliebers have a connection like no other. We have supported him this way from the very beginning and most of us feel we have a part in his huge success.

So now that there is his “big Selena rumor”, why does Justin now choose to be quiet instead of dealing directly with this fans through Twitter. Is there no longer a bond?

And don’t say “he should keep his private life private”. You can’t all of a sudden expect privacy and choose to be quiet especially if you choose to date someone so public.

justinbieber selenagomez dating

All you have to do is say you’re dating Selena Gomez and then we can all move on. Ignoring us fans when we want, need, and expect an answer straight from you most is just wrong.

Do you agree?


Been holding on to this post all day not sure if I should go with my gut on this or just simply report what all the media is reporting but I think it’s more important to tell you guys what I think rather than just going with the crowd.

Below is the picture circulating around the net for the last 2 days. It is a picture of two people who look incredibly like Justin and Selena in what looks like a moment of kissie kissie.

I understand that everyone is reporting this to be fake simply because Justin’s publicist has said it is fake:

This is not Selena nor is it Justin. Someone is trying to shop around false pictures.

Reading as much celebrity news as I do, I also understand that publicists often lie. It is all part of their job. They are hired to help shape the public image of a celeb and there is no doubt that Justin Bieber has now become a huge “brand” that they must protect. Not just for the good of JB but for everyone that works for him. That being said I am not saying that Justin’s rep (who has remained unnamed) is lying, I’m just saying that just because a rep says one thing doesn’t mean that it must be true. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake anyone?

So this is the other side of the argument. A site by the name of Bieber Heiress picked up on the picture and made a post after carefully examining the picture themselves. This is their argument:

The necklace is clearly the same, and the hairstyles are identical. Not to mention Justin’s fingers. We don’t know why, but some reason we think he has really recognizable hands, and in the picture below you can see it’s clearly his hands in the picture above. So clearly it’s Justin, but now to assure that the chica he’s kissing is surely Selena.

We made sure to show a pic where you can see her profile, including her ears, to prove that it is indeed her. Even the eyebrows are the same. It’s pretty obvious that it’s Miss Gomez. So we already know they’re definitely dating, and now we know that although Selena doesn’t Kiss and Tell, the camera sure does.


Never short on opinion and especially given a subject like this, I wasn’t going to simply conclude that this picture is fake without at least carefully examining the picture myself. And this is what I think…..

Ok the biggest problem with this picture is that the faces do not show. As for Selena, everything that shows look real to me. There’s nothing I can point out that says it’s not Selena. So all I could really focus on was Justin. I’ve zoomed into many pictures to compare and I have to agree – his hair, his fingers, his necklace – they all look real.

The hair looks like his except it looks like the direction is from left to right in the picture when Justin usually has it right to left. But don’t forget that he is bending down sideways in the pic so his hair would naturally hang that way in that position.

I also have to agree that the fingers also look like Justin’s. Justin has really small short fingers and after carefully comparing the first pic on top to the second pic, it really looks like the same hand. Zoom into the picture (press Ctrl and + key) and look at both pictures carefully. The hand looks identical.

I compared a high resolution picture (with Barbara Walters) of Justin’s necklace to the one in the rumored pic and to be honest I can’t say that it’s not the same.

So the only things left to focus on is his eyebrow and fingernails. Justin has very distinct eyebrows. They’re dark, thick, and they are straight. The eyebrow looks authentic.

Now the fingernails is what really got me. Look at the picture up top again. That guy has very, very small fingernails. When you look at the second picture (with purple shirt) you can’t really tell if Justin has small fingernails or not. The right hand fingernails (holding 3 fingers) definitely look small while the left hand (holding 2 fingers) look kind of normal sized. So I kept looking for more pictures that show his fingernails more clearly and I found this one:

In the right picture (with hat on) you can see that Justin’s left hand fingernails clearly look small. And that is the same side hand as the fingernails in the second picture that looks kind of normal sized. Examine any pictures of Justin’s fingernails and you will see that Justin does have very small fingernails. So in terms of the fingernails they too look exactly the same. And this I think is the most important part of the picture that may reveal whether the picture is really of Justin or not. I honestly think that this picture is real and that his rep was simply protecting Justin Bieber the brand. I can’t find anything in the picture that looks fake.

One more thing I’d like to add. The article we posted yesterday about Justin and Selena alone in a hotel room together forgot to mention that the room service was ordered at 1am in the morning. The adults around them must always know where they are because Selena and especially Justin has to be protected all the time. My question is what would they expect if they leave two teenagers alone in a hotel room together at 1am in the morning? Pattie has said she wants Justin to remain a virgin until he finds the right girl. Maybe Pattie (and the adults around him) thinks Selena is that girl.


Know what’s funny?

Every time I post something funny or negative about Selena Gomez we get a whole bunch of unfollows on Twitter. Lots of people unfollowed after I made a post about how Selena was using a cheap trick to win over Justin Bieber fans and the same thing happened when I joked about Selena sitting on Justin’s lap for breakfast.

I think I’m ready for the 3rd wave of un-follows…..

Below is a tweet made by Selena:

selena Gomez justin Bieber

Now let’s think about this tweet.

First it has no name attached. So who could it be that Selena wants to profess her love so publicly to but yet she chooses not to attach a name to the tweet. Her mom? Her dog? Does she love Twitter? Who does she love? Why be so mysterious?

Secondly, right now Selena knows how much attention she’s getting from her recent closeness to Justin, among fans and in the media. Everyone keeps asking her if she’s dating JB. So she must know that to make a public tweet like that at this very moment will definitely lead people on to thinking it’s for Justin.

So here’s the thing. If this is for Justin then good for them. Good for him and great for her. They would be cute together. I would be happy for both of them. If she is really in love with him and can’t hold it back and this is her own way of showing it then I can totally understand.

BUT if this is not meant for Justin then my respect and love for Selena just went down the drain because this obviously means the tweet is yet another cheap publicity stunt. Get my point? For her sake it better be Justin because if it isn’t then get ready for a big backlash in the very near future because this is a very lousy trick.

And honestly, even if this was for Justin I still think it’s kinda lousy of her to tweet “I love you” especially when she is “supposed” to be hiding their relationship. She could have simply called him instead of making such a public tweet.

Selena is milking Justin for publicity.

Ok, I’ma hold ma breath. Go ahead. Unfollow @JBShrine.

OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas
OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas
OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas
OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas
OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas
OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas
OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas

Wowsers!! I’m happy for him but WOWSERS!!

These pictures were taken Sunday, Sept 9 in Venice, California by a Canadian tourist who just happened to drive by and noticed that in the next car was none other than JB. Supposedly the two weren’t just kissing but it was reported that they were groping each other too! And what is she doing in the fifth picture? It just doesn’t look right! They were being driven around by Alfredo in his Honda Accord.

This must be serious because these two have known each other for a long time and this isn’t the first time they made out. The fact that they are this into each other long after their first kiss must mean it is serious.

And they are gonna get even more serious as she will be spending a lot more time with him. Jasmine has signed on to be Justin’s opening act for the rest of the tour. Here she is in Saskatoon singing Overboard….

So? What do you think? Will they last? Are you happy for him or are you a little upset about this news?

One person that’s definitely gonna be upset is Madison.

UPDATE: Caitlin Beadles has just unfollowed Jasmine on Twitter.
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Yesterday afternoon Justin’s twitter account hit a milestone reaching the 4,000,000 followers mark and bumping him up to the 6th most followed account on Twitter. Yay!

Though Britney Spears, who is currently the most followed on Twitter, has 5,419,741 followers, her average number of new followers per day is only about 6,214. That is not even comparable to the number of new followers that Justin gets, a little over 20,000 per day. If things continue at this rate, expected Justin to take over as the King of Twitter in about 4 months, just before we ring in the 2011 new year.

This would make him the undisputed king of the internet (most searched, most viewed video on Youtube, and most followed on Twitter).

Congrats JB!


Do you know who 11 year old Jessi Slaughter from the USA is? She has become very famous on the internet – for the wrong reason. She posted some videos of herself on the Youtube saying how much better she is than everyone else and how jealous people are of her because she’s perfect in every way. Well someone posted her video on 4Chan and the rest is history.

Don’t know who she is or how she got so famous? Then read this before you watch the video: