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justin bieber searing flight new zealand

Justin Bieber got into an embarrassing situation recently.

On his flight back from New Zealand, Justin was asked by another passenger to stop swearing. Sources on the 12-hour flight last weekend tell us JB was surrounded by his entourage in first class when things started getting out of hand.

We’re told Justin and his posse were blurting out cuss words (including some 4 letter words) and getting so loud that a female passenger finally stepped to Bieber.

According to TMZ, the woman, a mother of 2, walked over and asked Justin to “stop yelling curse words and using that kind of language on a plane. It’s not appropriate.”

A source close to Justin tells says he was completely embarrassed and quickly apologized to the woman.

justin bieber ingoring fans france

Seems like kinda negative news this whole day. Thank god it’s almost midnight and this day will be over! One last post which I think shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place.

A few days ago I posted a video of Justin at Nice airport leaving France after the NRJ Awards. Then other sites started posting the same video but said “Justin Bieber is ignoring fans” causing JB to have to write a long public apology today on Twitter.

Justin Bieber has gone on Twitter to set the record straight about what went down at an airport in France over the weekend.

A number of outlets posted video of The Biebs sprinting through the terminal at Nice International Airport and speculated that he was deliberately avoiding the fans who had gathered.

But that’s not what happened.

“I want to clear something up that is important to me,” wrote Bieber on Tuesday. “The other day in the airport I got surrounded by 20 paps. I dont like small spaces and i just wanted to get on the plane. I ran to get thru the gate and there is a video of me running by fans and on the other side you dont see the 20 paps.”

He explained,

“I would never run by my fans and for those that i did pass that day I AM SORRY. I know my fans are my everything. I know my responsibility to them. I LOVE MY BELIEBERS. So as i get older i know i will learn to deal with these things better and better just still learning. still human. just had to get that out.”

Considering the endless paparazzi harassment and the rush-to-judgment by other websites, we’re not sure Bieber should be the one apologizing here.


I agree. When I saw “Justin Bieber ignoring fans” and watched the video I was like wtf? He wasn’t ignoring fans! From the video it’s obvious he was avoiding the paparazzi and some fans just happen to be there. It’s understandable. And there isn’t a law that says JB has to greet all his fans all the time. There’s just too many! He does his best and sometimes a guy just needs a break.

I just feel bad that he has to respond and keep apologizing every time someone posts something negative about him. He’s only human. Leave him alone.


Ricki Gervais hosted the Golden Globes last night for the second time and in his opening monologue he insulted JB by saying that Justin can’t get Mariah Yeater pregnant because JB has not reached puberty yet. #stfu

sexy justin bieber shirtless 2010 cabo

The Disney Channel is in hot water this weekend, following a joke made on one of its shows. According to Justin Bieber fans, the network is “pathetic” for allowing cast to say a girl looks like the “Never Say Never” and “Baby” singer on ‘Jessie’.

“Disney used to tell kids how beautiful they are and now they make fun of eating disorders and bigger celebs, Disney Is Pathetic,” a top tweet on Twitter read Saturday.

According to fans, who made “Disney is Pathetic” a trending topic, followed by “We Support Justin” Saturday, comparing a girl to Justin Bieber  equates to calling him a girl. What they said exactly was quote: “Maybe it’s the girl downstairs. She looks exactly like Justin Bieber”.

“Dear Disney, Justin is not a ‘her’ and Demi is beautiful and worth much more than your channel. Stop being jealous. Disney Is Pathetic,” a fan wrote.

As widely reported, Demi Lovato was offended in December when a character told a joke on ‘Shake It Up’ about ‘not eating’ following her very publicized battle with an eating disorder.

Lovato said via Twitter in December

“I find it really funny how a company can lose one of their actress’ from the pressures of an EATING DISORDER and yet still make joke about that very disease….. #nice,”

Fans say Disney is “pathetic” now for both incidents and will loose viewers.

“Disney Is Pathetic, they have advertisements “Stop Bullying” then make jokes about eating disorders & Justin Bieber’s Gender. #hypocrites,” read another tweet.

The Disney Channel pulled the episode that offended Demi Lovato. At this point, it is unclear if they’ll pull this particular episode referencing Justin Bieber.

Bieber however, seems to be in support of his fans, telling them he appreciates them. Bieber said following the trending “We Support Justin” and “Disney Is Pathetic” hashtags:

“:) im very lucky to have all of u. i support you too,”


justin bieber mexico booed award


Wow this is pretty rude. Is this how the paparazzi is in Mexico? He kept posing for them and all they do is boo him through the whole thing from beginning to the very end. Not very welcoming is it?


justin bieber brat tmz

Justin Bieber says he has NO IDEA why people would think he’s a “brat” — telling TMZ, “I’ve never heard that rumor before.”

Bieber was leaving Katsuya in Hollywood yesterday … when we asked about a report that he was a total jerk on a recent American Airlines flight from L.A. to Asia … being difficult with flight attendants and refusing to take a photo with the pilot.

Justin replied, “I don’t think you should believe everything you hear … people make stuff up all the time.”

He adds, “Supposedly I’m dead today … that’s the rumor.”


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justin bieber sick adult men

AskMen.com just released the results of their 2011 Great Male Survey, which polled over 70,000 men from the United States, Canada, England, and Australia, about everything from their personal grooming habits to their breakup styles. AskMen also included a couple of questions pertaining to celebs, where the results revealed that although Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber came in at #1 and #3 on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List respectively, it doesn’t mean that everyone loves them.

When asked the question which male celebrity they were most sick of seeing in the spotlight, the results weren’t quite as surprising. Clearly, men around the world have not been struck by Bieber Fever, and Charlie Sheen is no longer “winning.”

47% Justin Bieber
20% Charlie Sheen
12% Barack Obama
8% Donald Trump
4% Prince William
3% Mark Zuckerberg
0% Arnold Schwarzenegger
6% None of the above


Um men hate JB cuz they’re jealous of a 17 year old.