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justin bieber selena gomez dating 2012

Earlier today I reposted a Jelena support video “Don’t Be Meana To Selena” in Facebook. Here is another Jelena support video which I think you’ll all enjoy. (Thanks Tania!) Come like our page on Facebook.



Man I hate being honest because I always come off as being a hater but here I go…. I love Justin and I’m trying really hard to believe in Jelena but this picture is way too much. I mean someone else had to hold the camera and take the picture for them so to me it’s like they’re posing. Publicity much? Argghh sorry but I’m just annoyed for some reason. This picture is too weird for me.

Let me know what you think (please don’t let me be alone in this)….


I’m back from my trip and I can’t believe now many people commented that they don’t think this is the real JB and Selena. Here’s a better pic. This is really them people! Romantic but still #posing. lol sorry!

This is the real Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! Believe it.

And the mystery is now solved. These pics are from New Years 2011 in St Lucia

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing in St Lucia

Jelena justin bieber selena gomez

The comparison between Brangelina and Jelena is inevitable.

Two powerhouse celebrities unite who’s collective star shines so bright that they get their own moniker. (Ok I’m being a little generous in terms of Selena but let’s just go with it.) I guess this is a comparison that didn’t slip Justin’s mind either as he just posted the picture above titled “Brangelina 2.0 hahahahaha“.

I have to admit that is a very cute picture.

And here they are again:



The Jelena Timeline

The picture above pretty much documents their history together up until this point. But it is missing a very important date/event. Let’s test how much you know about your Justin & Selena history.

Which important date/event is missing from the above picture?

Here’s a clue: This was the first real proof that Selena is more than just Justin’s little brother friend.

First person to get the answer right wins a brand new car. Not!

UPDATE: There are actually 2 very important events missing. Clue for the second one: Their first public kiss.