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This is a follow-up to the post Justin Bieber spotted at Jet Set night club in Dominican Republic.

If Media Takeout is to be trusted (and that’s a big IF because MTO isn’t the most trusted site on the internet), Justin got punched right in the face at Jet Set night club last night.

A witness claims that the incident started when Justin’s bodyguard started pushing people back and that wasn’t taken lightly by some of the locals.

The Dominican dudes immediately TURN’T UP and started FIGHTING Justin’s bodyguards. The fight nearly DESTROYED THE CLUB, and at one point – Justin’s guards were OVERTAKEN – and one guy managed to PUT HANDS ON JUSTIN.

We’re told that Justin was snuck ONCE IN THE JAW . . . but he was immediately WHISKED OUT THE BACK DOOR – and into a waiting car where he was taken back to his hotel room.

Weird because the other witness said nobody got hurt.

The story is still developing but I’ll keep you posted if I find anything knew.

justin bieber jet set domincan republic


He really loves clubbing! Justin was spotted at a night club last night in the Dominican Republic called Jet Set. You can see from the video below that a fight broke out and Justin was right in the middle of it. I’m not sure what was happening but I hope he is not hurt.

According to a witness, some of the JB’s fans got into it with Justin’s security, which led to a brawl. Several tables were broken inside the club, but no one was injured according to the witness.


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Justin with the owner of Jet Set.