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Joe clears up rivalry rumors between him and Justin – but did he go as far as insulting his pop star counterpart?

We’re happy to hear Joe Jonas, 21, doesn’t feel threatened by superstar Justin Bieber, 17. But he may have gone a little too far — insulting Biebs!

Joe tells AOL his career is in a different ballpark than Bieber’s.

“[My] songs are a bit more mature,” Jonas said. “The things that I speak about … I really hope 11-year-olds aren’t relating to them, or their parents are going to have to talk.”

He also says his solo album Fast Life is more about the obstacles of young adults opposed to pre-teen drama.

“I’m 21, so [I sing about] things a 21-year-old would deal with. And if an 11-year-old or whatever wants to listen to my music, that’s great, I’m more than happy. I just feel the core audience is going to be a little older,” Joe said.

Do YOU think Joe’s music is more mature than Justin’s?



During a recent interview with Virgin Radio, Joe Jonas kept getting Facetimed by Selena. As you probably already know, Selena dated Joe’s younger brother Nick.

What you may not know is that Nick might not be completely over Selena yet.

According to M magazine, Nick Jonas wrote, “hey man. you’re a lucky guy.” to Justin and then the tweet completely disappeared. Nick claims he was hacked. “Hey everyone! I was having some security issues with my twitter account earlier. I think we got it all worked out Hope you’re all doing well,” he wrote.

Then a few minutes later, Nick started following Selena again after months of not following her. Hmm. What’s that about? Nick has that older girlfriend Delta Goodrem, but perhaps he’s getting jealous that his ex-girlfriend is dating Justin Bieber?