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Director Jon M. Chu has provided has provided one of the all-time greatest gateway drugs for 3-D movie addiction: the dance movie “Step Up 3D.” His newest challenge: giving Justin Bieber the 3-D treatment in the new film “Never Say Never.”

Speakeasy caught up with Chu earlier this week by phone to talk about finding the tough balance between marketing and true magic in “Never Say Never.” Additionally, the young filmmaker offered observations about “Bieber fever,” his own feelings about the depths of teen fandom, and addressed rumors about his possible involvement in the next installment of the “G.I. Joe” movie series.

Speakeasy: I assume that you’d heard some of Justin’s music before you started work on this. How convinced or skeptical were you that his story could successfully be transformed into a movie? [continue reading…]

Jon Chu Interview

“There’s always people [giving me flak], whether it’s the ‘Step Up’ movies, dance movies or the Justin Bieber movie. People will make fun of you, but now they truly have the fever, for sure.”

-Film director Jon Chu, the man behind the camera on the soon-to-be-released movie “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.” In a conversation with MTV News’ Kara Warner, Chu talked about the structure and the messages of the film. “Especially for this generation of kids, [it’s important to show] that they could make it on their own without a big corporation,” Chu explained of the underlying inspirational idea that runs throughout the movie. “I thought it was an exciting way to tell it: through his music.”

Chu, who also directed the hit dance flick “Step Up: 3D,” talked about how long it took his peers to come around to the idea that working on a movie about Justin Bieber was a good idea. Though he caught a lot of flak in the beginning, he says it’s impossible to deny the numbers and the success. “Since [I signed on], he’s won four American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year, he’s nominated for two Grammys he’s on the cover of Vanity Fair, and I think they’ve fallen for him as well,” Chu explained.

Source: MTV News


‘[It’s] always scary when you try to show someone the story of their life,’ Jon Chu tells MTV News of screening for teen star.

In February fans will finally get the chance to see Justin Bieber’s long-awaited “Never Say Never.” And the flick’s director, Jon Chu, recently dished to MTV News that things are coming along fine as he puts the finishing touches on the February 11 release.

“Oh, we stand pretty tall. It’s nuts! This is a world that I have never experienced before,” he laughed to MTV News about the 3-D film. Chu, who was promoting the DVD release of “Step Up 3D,” said getting the fans’ support has been invaluable.

“Again it’s like dance, where music tells the story. It’s really interesting and his fans have been amazing, shooting him in 3-D in Madison Square Garden, exploring his life, going to his hometown. We’re almost done with our cut right now and I’m really proud of it. I think people are going to be surprised about the story that they’re going to get. Something is really special.”

Bieber tweeted about seeing the film recently and gave it his seal of approval. And Chu admitted to us that he’s feeling the pressure now to make the best possible film.

“I mean, I’m always nervous. We’re always trying to make our movies better,” he explained. “We’re never done with it though. I just keep going until they tell me I’ve run out of time. So [Justin] got to see it this week, which was really exciting and he loved it, which is always scary when you try to show someone the story of their life, but he’s been very supportive, he and his family and his team. I’m excited to share it with the world and show another side of 3-D. With ‘Step Up 3D,’ we learned a lot of lessons and we discovered a lot of things, and it’s just the beginning.”


First 5 pieces to the movie poster puzzle….

Justin Bieber Movie Poster Puzzle Pieces
#1 released by: Jon Chu

Justin Bieber Movie Poster Puzzle Pieces
#2 released by: Ryan Seacrest

Justin Bieber Movie Poster Puzzle Pieces
#3 released by: Scooter Braun

Justin Bieber Movie Poster Puzzle Pieces
#4 released by: Paramount Pictures

Justin Bieber Movie Poster Puzzle Pieces
#5 released by Perez Hilton

We probably won’t be posting any more new pieces up until the full poster is revealed by if you want then follow the movie’s director @jonchu who will announce the pieces as they are revealed.

We lied. We actually did do one more post after we were able to put these first 5 pieces together.