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You know what I learned about Hollywood this year? I learned something people in Hollywood would never want you to know. Forget Perez Hilton, TMZ , and Radar Online. These sites are good for informing you what they could report on but it’s what they can’t report on which is the juicy stuff. [continue reading…]


UPDATE: There are many copycat articles on the net but what you are about to read is the original Jelena Exposed Article. You should link back to this article if you use it’s contents. Thank you.

Can the title be more blunt?

I’ve always been a straight forward, honest person. So honest that some people who don’t know me mistaken it for rude. So I anticipate that what I am going to say will surely make some of you upset. I mean specifically you Selena and Jelena fans. If you’re starting to get upset already reading up to this point then I suggest you go here immediately.

And for those who choose to read on I assume that you at least are open to what I have to say about Justin and Selena’s relationship. Remember this is just my personal opinion.

First let me say that I have nothing against Selena Gomez. I really do think she’s a nice girl. I know I call her Selena Gohome sometimes but I’m just being a clown. Selena is a nice girl. I’m sure of it. Much nicer than someone like Miley and Demi.

But like Miley and Demi, (and must we add Britney, Lindsay, and Christina) she too is a product of Disney. And like it or not, you can’t help but to expect that there is some pressure on Selena to make headlines and to sell. Her career depends on it. Demi has been making headlines for going crazy and Miley has always been crazy. Selena doesn’t do crazy. So what does she do? Justin Bieber. (Keep in mind that her show “Wizards of Waverly Place” is ending, she has a new album coming out in June, and those tickets for her upcoming tour better sell!!)

So where should I start?

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