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What Justin Bieber's abs could look like!?

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber ready to work out in the gym

Singing sensation Justin Bieber is bulking up his biceps in the hope of impressing the ladies.

Justin’s currently touring Europe and after a training session in London with heavyweight boxer David Haye, he’s determined to work hard to get a body beautiful.

‘Justin knows girls like toned men and he wants that look,’ a source tells The Sun.

‘He’s going to be putting in the hours down the gym to achieve the perfect abs.

‘By the end of the training he’ll look like a man rather than a scrawny teenager.’

No doubt Justin’s new muscles will impress girlfriend Selena Gomez, who admits herself that she’s guilty of changing her image to impress the opposite sex.

‘I remember how I used to dress a specific way for one boy, with my shirt tucked in, very formal, because I wanted to appease him,’ Selena, 18, tells You magazine. ‘And boys are the one thing on every girl’s mind.’