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Justin Bieber's drawing of himself (but more muscular lol)

This dude has too many talents! lol


Justin Bieber's drawing of himself (but a bit more muscular lol)


Hi guys! I’m really proud of this drawing! It’s a new one of Justin Bieber… I really like the new photoshoot for the V Magazine all the pictures are amazing! So i decided to do a portrait from that shoot! This drawing Took me 4 hours and 30 minutes… I used a mechanical pencil 2mm 3B and charcoal 2B… Like everybody know i’m a belieber so I hope you really like it Justin! 😀 I’m waiting for your next album! we all know that it’s going to be AMAZING! Keep inspiring us! 😉

Jardc87 is back with another amazing Justin Bieber creation. See his other works here.

justin bieber christmas drawing 2011

This drawing is good but you would expect nothing but perfection from Jardc87  :/

justin bieber selena gomez drawing 2011

Jardc87 is back with another amazing piece of work. Well Justin does look kinda odd here, like older or something here. It’s the nose and chin.

Check out all his other work here.


Justin Bieber drawing by Jhonatan Kalsnes

These awesome drawings of JB were submitted by one of our talented readers from Norway. Jhonatan has a site where he posts all his celebrity drawings like Lady Gaga, Angela Jolie, Miley Cyrus and more….


Visit Jhonatan’s site here.


Awesome Justin Bieber Drawing

Thanks CJ for sending this in. This really is an amazing drawing of JB. It would have been perfect if he wasn’t cross-eyed. Know what I mean? LOL!! (Sorry, you know I’m always blunt.) But seriously, thumbs up to whoever did this drawing. The lips are perfect. It’s just those eyes.

Btw CJ sorry but I’ve been really busy lately so not as much time to do posts. But there’s a JB news ticker under the menu bar on the home page That will always have the latest JB news.  😉