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Justin Bieber's New Driver's Licence Picture 2012

This is unbelieberble. How is it that his personal documents keep hitting the internet?

Who would take a picture of his driver’s license and put it on the net? Invasion of privacy much? And his driver’s license number is on it and everything (I blanked it out for JB’s safety again – I always do). His first driver’s license picture hit the net after he posted it to prove to someone he met online that he was the real Justin Bieber. This time I’m not sure.

Anyways, Justin has his full driver’s license now and above is the new picture. I actually like the old driver’s permit picture more. He looked really young and damn cute with his big hair cover his face. This picture is more mature.

Check out Justin’s other personal documents on file:

Poor Justin Bieber failed his driving theory test

The Canadian singer, 16, refused to get into his mum’s car after flunking the exam – preferring to walk home in the rain and sulk on his own.

Super-confident Justin had expected to breeze through the test and earn a driver’s permit.

That would have allowed him to get behind the wheel of his 16th birthday present – a Range Rover given to him by his mentor, RnB star USHER.

But the teenager, whose hits include Baby and U Smile, failed to make the grade and flew into a strop as his mum tried to take him home.

Justin said: “There was no way I was getting in the passenger seat, bawling like a ten-year-old. She kept calling me as I walked to the corner of the parking lot and stood by the street. I felt every car driving by was taunting me.”

The fuming singer admits taking out his disappointment on passing motorists.

Writing in his book First Step 2 Forever: My Story, Justin adds: “Some girl drove by, putting on mascara as she weaved down the boulevard – but she sure had a driver’s licence, didn’t she?

“Some dude cruised by in a truck, smoking a cigarette, which he tossed on the street like the world was his ashtray.

“I bellowed after him, ‘I hate you’! It felt so good. I bellowed at the next guy, ‘I hate you too! And I hate you! And I hate you!'”

Justin passed his test a month later in April in Atlanta, Georgia, and has since been seen driving an array of top-of-the-range cars.