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Justin Bieber Ice Cream Sunday at Harrods

“Bieber Bocker Glory” ice cream sundae.

Justin Bieber’s debut fragrance, Someday, is a fruity concoction designed to appeal to the sweet tooth of the singer’s hordes of teen fans. So it’s fitting that when the fragrance launched in Harrods last week, the London department store created an ice cream sundae in its honor, which mimics the notes in the fragrance.

The sundae, called a “Bieber Bocker Glory,” is inspired by the top notes of Someday, and mixes in wild berry and vanilla ice cream, fresh pear, lavender sprinkles and even edible glitter. The treat will be on offer to customers at Harrods’ new Ice Cream Parlour cafe on the store’s second floor, and will cost 19.95 pounds, or about $32 at current exchange.

While that might seem a princely sum for an ice cream, all the proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, which raises money to fund unique experiences for sick children. The sundae will be on sale at Harrods’ Ice Cream Parlour throughout August, while Someday is exclusive to Harrods in the U.K. for the month of August, and will launch nationwide from Sept. 10.



OMG I heard rumors that Justin Bieber ice cream were on their way but I thought it was a hoax. But now here’s proof that it’s true. There really is a Justin Bieber ice cream!!

Made by Nestle the ice cream is now being sold in Israel only. Kinda weird that it’s only available in Israel because neither Justin or Nestle is Israeli.

Anyways, hope JB’s ice cream makes it to North America so we can all see what Justin Bieber tastes like. lol