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Justin Bieber Trading Cards

Justin Bieber Trading Cards

If Justin Bieber singing dolls, nail polish and a best-selling memoir weren’t enough to satisfy his fans, the pop star is now receiving his own set of trading cards and stickers. Entertainment collectible company Panini America has launched the Justin Bieber trading card set, which will hit shelves at Walmart, Target, Toys “R” Us and other retail outlets this week.

“I always dreamed of being a hockey player and having my own trading card,” Bieber said in a statement. “I remember collecting hockey cards, so the idea that kids are going to enjoy my cards like I enjoyed my hockey cards is amazing!”

The collection will include 150 cards and 30 stickers, with four nine-card puzzles that let fans create small Bieber posters. Each pack will sell for $1.99 and will include five trading cards and one sticker.

The trading cards offer a solid merchandise stopgap between the release of Bieber’s stripped-down “My Worlds Acoustic” album last month and his 3D concert movie, “Never Say Never,” which comes out on Feb. 11, 2011.


Justin Bieber’s JustBeats by Dr Dre commercial

Could that be JB’s first and only pimple(s)? He’s totally breaking out!
Good thing he has an unlimited supply of Proactiv Solution 😉

justin bieber headphones justbeats
justin bieber dolls

Call JB King Midas because he definitely has the golden touch.

No even released yet, the collection of singing dolls are now considered the 2nd most popular toy of the 2010 Christmas season, right behind Toy Story and is in contention for the Toy of the Year Award.

“We are thrilled that the Justin Bieber singing dolls were recognized with a nomination from our peers in the toy industry based on the interest and excitement they have brought to the market. We’re counting on Justin’s millions of fans to let us know how much they love the dolls by voting for them to take home the award in February!”

And for you Australians, the dolls are about to invade your country.

Justin Bieber launches real perfume for women

Justin Bieber has become quite the beauty entrepreneur.

While he already has a nail polish collaboration with OPI and scented dog tags in the works, the teen sensation somehow found time to create another fragrance:

In partnership with a new charitable lifestyle products company called Give Back Brands, Justin will create a women’s fragrance to launch in the summer of 2011. A portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of Justin’s choosing.