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Justin Bieber’s phone number: if you had it, would you try to call? It seems a Bieber-Blog last week printed what purported to be The Bieb’s cell number. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fans used it, in a vain hope to make contact with the object of their madness. Alas, they had no luck. The whole thing was either a mistake or a joke.

Or maybe it was a cruel hoax, because the victims of the situation turned out to be—not the callers, but a family named McGriff, who lives in upstate New York. Their lives, they said, were turned “upside down”.

Eric McGriff, 17, gave an exclusive interview to TMZ. He says their phone has been ringing non-stop since the mix-up began. Says TMZ: “Things have gotten so bad the family has had to change their number”!

Eric is about the same age as Justin Bieber, so was he pleased to have teen-aged girls from everywhere calling his phone? Not! “Maybe it would be cooler if it happened and we got confused with someone whose music we liked,” McGriff said, “but we don’t like Justin Bieber in my household, so getting calls from his fans isn’t the greatest thing in the world.”

Watch those phone numbers, kids. The real ones are guarded like gold.

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I am assuming his number was given out for a reason. Maybe he is a Bieber hater. Maybe this will be a lesson to him, because no one would have done something like that for no reason.

What do you think of all of this?