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justin bieber snl digital short

Ok this has nothing to do with a creepy dorm roommate. But what it does have to do with is…ahh…errrrr….wait I can’t say. It’s kinda well… well… I can’t say. lol. But yah its EPIC! ahahahaha too funny!


The ESPYs, which air tomorrow night on ESPN at 9PM ET, will be dominated by the Justins of the entertainment world — Timberlake and Bieber, that is. While JT filmed a promo spot for the Capital One Cup award that he will be on hand to present, the Biebs issued a tweet letting his fans know that he will also be on site to present an award.

Bieber tweeted this message: “might have to stop by the @espys on wed in LA….who wants to meet me at the red carpet…maybe i will give 2 of my tickets away.” That sounds like an invitation, Beliebers!

Additionally, the official Twitter account of the ESPYs posted the good news, further generating hype and excitement for the ceremony: “Breaking #ESPYs News: @justinbieber will be presenting an #ESPYs award on Wednesday night! #awwwesome.”

It was not revealed which ESPY Bieber will hand out, but we’re sure the fact that he will appear on the show will cause a gaggle of pre-teen girls to tune in, spiking the show’s ratings and skewing the demographics in an unconventional way. It’s not like the show is targeting females, 12-16, but with the Biebs making an appearance, that could all change … For a few moments, at least.

Tune in tomorrow night at 9PM ET to watch Timberlake and Bieber surrounded by some of your favorite athletes.



Justin Bieber probably gets more advice than he needs from people he doesn’t want it from. This time Bieber got some advice from a fellow Justin. Justin Timberlake thinks Bieber needs a plan for the future.

In an interview with Playboy Timberlake said that Justin Bieber better watch out for the next big thing and that he needs to think about the future.

“You need to have a plan…Otherwise, before you know it, there’s going to be some kid who’s younger than you.”

Has there ever been truer words spoken?

Of course there is going to be someone younger than Justin Bieber who is going to steal the hearts of young girls sometime in the future. However, by the time that happens, Bieber hopefully won’t be trying to entertain 13 year olds. It is true that Justin Bieber needs a plan if he is going to remain relevant in the music world, but his plan is not any different than Miley Cyrus’ plan or any young star for that matter.

What Bieber needs to do is make sure that his music matures as he does. As kids get older and turn into young adults there music taste tends to change as well. If Bieber is well managed and changes with the times he will be just fine.