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justin bieber ultimate viral video

Ryan Seacrest and Justin Bieber come together to create the most viral video EVER to celebrate Ryan’s YouTube channel passing 100 million views. Never knew Kenny was so funny!


It’s Kenny’s 31st birthday today! He hasn’t been online today yet but go wish him a good day @KennyHamilton.


Justin was in New York City over the weekend and took a lot of pictures with fans. And from background in the picture above, Kenny Hamilton is officially back protecting Justin. Yay!

(Thanks John for being so observant)

justin bieber kenny hamilton


Footage of Justin leaving a recording studio and hitting a Boston Market with Alfredo Flores, Kenny Hamilton and Kenny’s little boy.


Justin Bieber‘s entourage and security at the BET Awards got into a heated showdown — which ended with JB declaring the doorman was “a douche bag” … and the whole incident went down on camera.

TMZ obtained the video, which shows Bieber — who was a presenter at the award show — and his squad being stopped at the door last weekend. It appears one of Justin’s bodyguards did NOT have a ticket … and while both sides argued, Biebs eventually interrupted by saying, “I need to bring my security! This guy’s a douche bag.”

Everyone on Team Bieb ended up getting into the show — and a BET rep downplayed the incident … saying, “It is our standard policy to make sure everyone has their tickets or credential upon arrival. Justin had the proper credentials.”

As for Justin — his rep says the Biebs was just standing up for his bodyguards … the guys who always have his back.


justin bieber alfredo flores

Today would have been Tupac Shakur‘s 40th birthday and Justin Bieber has taken to his Twitter to honor him with a video tribute.

Justin was clued into the special day from his bodyguard Kenny Hamilton who Tweeted, “Tupac would’ve been 40 yrs old today…Happy Birthday Pac! Miss ya bro! Still got your pictures on my wall in the room I grew up in! Lol”

Kenny also added, “I’m listening to Pac all day long!”

Well, Justin re-Tweeted both of them and wrote, “what?!?! @kennyhamilton it’s 2pac’s bday! @Jabari you know Im a 2pac fan. check 4:30 mark from 2 years ago”

Justin included an old video of a younger Bieber that proves he’s a true Tupac fan.

He also added, “2pac and @AlfredoFlores are born on the same day!?!? Fredo is an absolute #BEAST . lol”



Maybe Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are so young, they’re unfamiliar with Princess Diana’s horrible fate.

How else to explain why the celebrity teen couple last week apparently allowed a bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton, to drive them perilously through the streets of Bieber’s hometown of Stratford, Ont., just to avoid being photographed? In a charcoal-coloured SUV the threesome tore through side streets and even blew through red lights on the town’s main thoroughfare at speeds well above the posted limit — all in an apparent attempt to lose Canadian paparazzi, who were giving chase in their cars.

QMI Agency celebrity photographer John White was briefly part of the active pursuit and was witness to it all.

Attempts to reach Bieber and Hamilton for comment Thursday were not immediately successful.

Stratford Police say no complaints about a speeding vehicle were received when Bieber was in town last week.

It all started when Bieber, the 17-year-old singing sensation, and his singer/actress girlfriend, 18, paid a visit to Bieber’s grandfather’s house last Thursday, June 2. Fans tweeted that Bieber was there. It didn’t take long for the crowd to grow and for three Toronto paparazzi photographers — who were already in Stratford — to descend on the home, which had been shown in Bieber’s movie Never Say Never.  [continue reading…]