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Selena Gomez was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning and described the kiss cam moment at the Lakers game as “humiliating”. Strange choice of words. “Embarrassing” I can understand but “humiliating”? You should be proud!

justin and selena kissing kiss cam

This is too cute for words.

justin beiber selena gomez kissing lakers game april2012

Talk about pressure! Justin and Selena caught the Lakers game tonight at the Staples Center and they kissed for the Kiss Cam. It seemed really cute cause they  felt pressured to kiss because they showed them on the monitor with hearts around them with “KISS ME!” (top pic). What else can they do? lol

If you’re wondering how they could get from the studios of DWTS and The Voice that quickly to catch the game, I bet it’s because their appearances on the shows today were pre-recorded.

A lot more pictures here. Looking at the pictures it seems like Justin was everywhere. Sitting courtside, sitting in the stands, sitting with the announcers.