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justin bieber one legged 2012

Justin Bieber goes one legged through LAX Airport

LMAO! hahahaha Omg I love my titles. Must have made you say wth?

Ok he wasn’t going one-legged but I had a good laugh when I saw that picture above so I thought I would make you laugh too. Hope you found it funny.

Decked out in sweat pants, a denim jacket, Pittsburgh Steelers hat, an Louis Vitton bag, and Beats by Dr Dre that are NOT JustBeats, Justin made his way through LAX airport in Los Angeles yesterday to catch a flight to Cannes, France where is he scheduled to appear at the NRJ Awards tonight (Jan 28, 2012).

Justin Bieber actually walking with two legs through LAX airport Jan 27, 2012

Justin Bieber actually walking with two legs through LAX airport Jan 27, 2012

justin bieber just-beats dre 2012

Justin Bieber on his way to Cannes, Frances for the 2012 NRJ Awards

Btw, ever seen JB with a pimple? If not then here you go….

justin bieber hides face lax 2012

Justin Bieber hides his face at LAX Airport Jan 21, 2012

Justin was at LAX airport last night in Los Angeles boarding a plane to somewhere. I’m not sure where. But it’s peculiar that he didn’t want any pictures taken because he kept hiding his face. I wonder why.

The weird thing was that Selena was also spotted at LAX airport leaving for somewhere but it doesn’t appear that they were there together. Are they both heading to the same place or was it just a coincidence? Anyone know? Guess we’ll find out very soon.

Selena Gomez spotted at LAX airport Jan 21, 2012 boarding a plane

UPDATE: Mystery solved! According to our readers, Justin and Selena are currently together in Puerto Rico for Selena’s concert on Jan 22nd. Thanks Shriners! Stalking JB is easier if we do it together 🙂

More pictures showing his face here.