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MTV’s live red purple carpet coverage of Justin’s Believe Movie premiere at Regal LA LIVE starts in 10 minutes!!

UPDATE: The red carpet show just finished. It was on for an hour and a half and the movie is about to start.


OMG!! Justin is doing a live interview for Power106 in a few hours and he’ll be premiering the rest of the songs in “Journals“!! 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern time.

Be sure to watch Justin Bieber hang out with Big Boy’s Neighborbood. He will premiere 5 new songs on his new album. Come watch the interview this Tuesday at 7am PST. Remember this is a live stream, anything can happen.

Here is the link to watch the interview live.

Flashback from 2 years ago:
I stopped breathing through the whole thing. He’s so good!

justin bieber sao paulo brazil


Nevermind the sound. They made him sound like a chipmunk.



Wow. Miley made it to the London premiere too. She’s really showing JB some support.


Justin Bieber Grammy Nominee!

Justin Bieber is a Grammy nominee in Two categories!
-Best Pop Vocal Album
-Best New Artist

In the Best New Artist category, Justin is going up against
-Florence & The Machine
-Mumford & Sons
-Esperanza Spalding

Justin has a Autobiography, a 3D Movie, Multiple Albums, Best New Artist Awards etc. I mean Come on, even Drake doesn’t have all of that!
I think Justin should win both categories, but the question is… Is Justin Biebers fan base big enough? I think we can all say “yes.” But whos really going to take the time to vote? Sometimes its just the fans and not always the runner up.

Do you think Justin Bieber has a chance? In the Best Pop Vocal Album category, hes going up against Lady Gaga!
As we all know, Justin Bieber is the Second most followed person on Twitter with Lady Gaga taking the lead. Looks like Lady Gaga’s fan base is stronger and more powerful than our “Tiny faced god’s” fan base! Will Justin Bieber stand a chance at winning this award?

Watch the Grammys 53rd Annual Award Show! Music’s Biggest Night will air live from Staples Center on CBS.
Watch The Grammys LIVE HERE on Sunday, February 13Th at 12:00PM – 3:30PM


Want to watch Justin Bieber on the Purple Carpet? Watch it Here! LIVE! Justin Bieber at the premier of his new movie NEVER SAY NEVER 3D!

How many 16 year olds do you know that have there own movie thats centered all around them?
Watch it LIVE at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m


Watch live streaming video from bieberpremiere at livestream.com



I think this is an AWESOME Performance!
The lighting, staging, dancing, timing, wardrobe, etc. Everything was amazing!

Am I the only one who thinks this? Justin Bieber is an amazing performer, but this One just stood out.