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Beliebe Production is putting together a video of fans to show our appreciation for JB and what he has done for us. The goal is to release it on his 18th birthday and hopefully get Justin to see it. In order to be part of the video, they ask that you record yourself (standing either on the right or left side of the screen) answering these following 10 questions in order:

1. Who is he? (don’t answer Justin Bieber, for example “an amazing singer” or “wonderful person”)
2. Describe him with 3 words. (for example “talented” or “beautiful”)
3. How did he become famous? (Not too short answer, or else we wont know how he got famous)
4. How did he grow up/childhood? (this could be part of question 3.)
5. How did you become a fan?
6. Why do you like him?
7. What is your favorite song? (Short answer is good)
8. What is your favorite thing about Justin?
9. What would you do for him?
10. What would you wish him in his life? (For example; “luck”, or “true love”)

Upload your video to Youtube and send the Youtube link to worldwidejb@hotmail.com by Feb 15, 2012 with your name and country.

For more info contact:

Twitter – @NvrsayNvrJB & @Chrianna4L
Contact e-mail: beliebeproduction@hotmail.com