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“I loved the Justin Bieber movie! His whole story is fascinating to me. Beforehand, I didn’t understand how he got so huge so fast. I knew he was talented, and obviously he’s adorable. But after seeing the movie, I was crying and singing his songs. You couldn’t walk away from that movie without falling in love with him.”

– Lucy Hale in the latest issue of Seventeen magazine.


According to “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale, she ran into a bit of an awkward situation recently where she was forced into dealing with someone who mistook her for a certain Disney Channel star. Here is what the actress posted about the matter via Twitter:

“Someone was seriously convinced I was Selena Gomez today and tried to take my phone because they wanted to call justin beiber. Ohh life .”

Hale is not the only one to face these sort of comparisons — the same thing has happened recently with “American Idol” castoff Pia Toscano.