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justin bieber ludacris ludaday


justin bieber ludacris ludaday basketball

Justin took part in Ludacris’s Ludaday Weekend Celebrity Basketball Game earlier today. It was Team Justin vs Team Ludacris. Justin’s team won and raised $10,000 for charity.

Looks like JB had a good time:

we made a lot of money for #charity today at the game. thanks to everyone who supported and to @ludacris for living as an example to others….felt great winning 2day. felt even better knowing we did it 4 #charity. thanks 2 all the fans who came out 2 support. #muchlove


justin bieber basketball nba

Justin Bieber‘s typically a polite, well-mannered 17-year-old who doesn’t swear, but he was talking all sorts of trash on Twitter today. Why? Well, he’s going head-to-head against Ludacris for a charity basketball game in Atlanta this weekend and the stakes are high. Plus, it’s good press.

The Bieb tweeted six times in a row today about the Ludaday Weekend Celebrity Basketball Game and each post punked his rapper pal. One tweet read:

“@Ludacris u are a good man…but #teambieber is gonna kill u on sunday.”

Ludacris wrote back:

“In your Dreams! U gon get a spankin on Sunday!!”

The teen star also provided some video evidence of his intimidating basketball skillz from February’s Celebrity All-Star Game. Bieber called the video “a reminder of the last rapper that challenged me on the court.” The singer was named MVP of that tournament and even the announcer applauded Biebs for “looking like Steve Nash” when he made a sweet cross-over assist.


This weekend’s complete team rosters haven’t been released, but you can expect a slew of big stars will be shooting hoops Sunday. Bieber tweeted that NBA player Kevin Durant is on his team, and added pros Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, and Chris Paul will all be tearing it up on the courts — and towering over the 5 foot 5 teen.