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justin bieber girlfriend perfume 2012

I’m still slowly getting into being back in world of Belieberland. So much has happened this last 2 weeks. While I was away Justin released his second fragrance “Girlfriend”. If you’re in the New York area go to Macy’s Herald Square now to buy the perfume. First 500 people get VIP free tickets for a secret show Justin will be putting on tonight at the Apollo Theatre in New York City. More info here.

justin bieber funny macy’s commercial

This commercial for Macy’s Black Friday sale is soooo funny. Totally reminds me of when Justin landed in Auckland, New Zealand in April of 2010. The screaming was unbelieveable. All I can think about is how Justin’s ears has to put up with this everywhere he goes.H e’s probably gonna lose his hearing from all the screams.
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justinbiebermacy’s 2011 beyonce

In his never-ending quest to force crowd-control experts to rethink their life’s work, Justin Bieber went to Macy’s yesterday to plug his new fragrance. He was an hour and fifteen minutes late to his platform because, word is, as he was walking into the building, some of the more anxious/hormonal/insane fans surged toward him, forcing an undercover police officer to tackle him. Macy’s didn’t mind, though. While girls see hearts when they look at Bieber’s pupils, Macy’s executives see these: $$$$$$$$$.

From WWD:

Macy’s executives were perhaps even more enthusiastic than the weeping girls, with Muriel Gonzalez, Macy’s executive vice president and general merchandise manager of cosmetics, fragrances and shoes, flatly exclaiming: “This is going to be the biggest launch we’ve ever had.” And that’s saying something, considering the previous benchmark set by Beyoncé Knowles in February 2010 with her Heat launch in the same venue. Knowles’ scent was said to have sold $3 million at retail at Macy’s in its first month on counter.



The whole Macy’s thing didn’t make any sense to me and the more articles I read to figure out exactly what happened the more confusing the story got.

So many unanswered questions. Why would someone attack Justin? What a cop attacked him? Why? Doesn’t he know who Justin Bieber is? And how come nobody got into any trouble but a cop? What? Now the man was really part of the Bieber team? Then it changes to back to being a cop? And how come a member of JB’s team got a citation form the police? Ahhhhh!!!!!

No articles made any sense or really had any good information on what took place outside Macy’s today, not even MTV‘s.

The only article that makes any sense to me is this one which, in short, states that Justin mistaken the undercover cop for a crazy fan when he was trying to get to Justin to protect him.

It was a madhouse in midtown Thursday as teen heartthrob Justin Bieber launched his fragrance at Macy’s, sparking a frenzy that ended in mass confusion, panic, erroneous reports that the star was attacked and a citation for his security guard.

Hundreds of tweens descended on the store and Herald Square to get a glimpse of the follicly-blessed “Baby” singer. When Bieber, 17, stepped outside to wave to his “Beliebers” at about 3 p.m., they rushed police barricades, and Bieber’s guards tried to hustle him into the store.

A plainclothes officer jumped the metal barricade to help the harried Bieber, but the teen icon shoved him away, thinking he was a crazed fan, reports said.

“It was a momentary, well-intentioned misunderstanding and the event went well,” Bieber’s rep told The New York Post. “He’s completely fine and has no injuries.”

Imagine you’re the that undercover cop trying to save the day and you end up getting into a scuffle with “Justin Bieber” because he thought you’re crazy. lol. This whole thing is too funny.

justin bieber perfume funny

Pictures from today’s Someday launch at Macy’s here.

Justin Bieber took over Herald Square in Manhattan on Thursday (June 23) as he greeted fans at a Macy’s event for his women’s fragrance, Someday. A legion of dedicated Beliebers lined up outside and gathered at the famed department store hoping to catch even a glimpse of the star.

When MTV News caught up with the Biebs, he told us how much he appreciated his fans’ overwhelming enthusiasm. [continue reading…]


The attack starts at 0:30s into the video. You can see Justin get shoved and then he fights back while security holds him back.

I still can’t understand how this could happen. Does the cop not know it’s JUSTIN BIEBER he’s shoving??

justinbiebermacy’s 2011

WTF? I was stressing out big time wondering what the hell happened outside Macy’s. I couldn’t believe an old man attacked him and knocked him to the ground. If that wasn’t enough now I found out it was all a misunderstanding and that the 40 year old man was really an undercover cop. Talk about bizarre…

A member of Justin Bieber’s personal security team was cited for disorderly conduct today after the singer had a frightening run-in with an undercover cop in NYC … but it was all one MAJOR misunderstanding.

Bieber was signing autographs outside of Macy’s when the crowd became unruly … and a plainclothes police officer rushed to help the singer.

Problem is — Bieber didn’t know the guy was a cop — so when the cop got close to Justin … Bieber got defensive thinking he was a crazy fan. A member of Bieber’s security team immediately grabbed the cop and tried to pull him away.

The cop quickly identified himself — and cited the security team member for disorderly conduct.

But this story has a happy ending … sources connected to the situation tell us both sides straightened everything out — and Bieber is still signing autographs inside the department store.


It was reported that “the man was hustling to protect Justin from a surging crowd and then disobeyed orders from police who didn’t know he was part of the Bieber team.” Huh? So was he an undercover cop or part of Justin’s team? So many unanswered questions.