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justin bieber selena gomez sydney australia 2012

It’s been reported that Justin and Selena’s relationship is on the rocks, but it sure doesn’t look like it in Melbourne on Saturday. According to witnesses they were very lovey dovey and made out.

According to HollywoodLife:

Justin and Selena were spotted at waterfront seafood hotspot Stokehouse Restaurant on July 14 along with 14 people around 9 p.m. and left at 11 p.m.

“They were all having a great time together,” an eyewitness tells us. “Justin and Selena were laughing and making jokes with each other.”

The happy couple then headed over to Hotel Barkly around 11:30 p.m. with just a few friends. While sitting at a table in the back of the bar, Justin and Selena ordered vodka cocktails and beer!

“They were sitting at a table in the back corner and they were canoodling,” the insider tells us. “Justin ordered Heinekens and Selena drank vodka based cocktails. They were holding hands, kissing, and looked in love.”

They’ve been dating for over a year and a half. Even if the rumors are true, I think they will stay together. Seems like Selena is really trying hard. She’s been with him in Asia this whole time while he’s doing his promo tour. So from the looks of it if it is true that they are having trouble with their relationship then it seems that the person who wants to break it off is Justin. Have to wonder did Selena go to keep an eye on him?


Sorry everyone, we’ve been asked to take these makeout pictures off the site because they are “exclusive” to WENN, the owners of the pics. If you missed them then don’t worry because they are everywhere on the net EXCEPT JBShrine :/ Everywhere. Thanks WENN 🙁