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This is a weird one but follow closely cuz this is an OMG MOMENT!

“Justin Biber and Selena Gomez let us ride down with them in the secret celeb elevator in Mastros Steakhouse.”

Richard Reid, the guy in grey, is a reporter. He ran into Justin and Selena at Mastros Steakhouse in Los Angeles yesterday night (Sat Feb 25, 2012). Mastros has a special elevators they use for celebrities and Richard and his friend ended up taking the same elevator with Jelena going into Mastros.

But that’s not the juicy part. It all starts once Richard sat down and realized that Jelena was sitting next to his table. He starts with a tweet:

RICHARD: I am sitting one table away from Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at Mastros restaurant. Crazy!!!

Belieber: @RReidsHollywood are they happy? 🙂

RICHARD: @1Dbieberissy so happy! He looks sooo young!!

BELIEBER: @RReidsHollywood was there any smooching going on?

RICHARD: @snickerscrunch1 yes and boob grabbing!!!

OMG MOMENT right there!!! Keep reading…

BELIEBER: @RReidsHollywood what was justin like??

RICHARD @ells1010 short! and sweet!

BELIEBER: @RReidsHollywood u mean Justin grab selena?

@snickerscrunch1 yes. In a sweet way

BELIEBER: @RReidsHollywood hey please follow how did Selena react after he touched her?

@snickerscrunch1 After Justin put his hand on her breast, Selena Gasped in a laughing way and said HEY!!!

OMG MOMENT @2!!!!!!! KEEP READING…there’s more!!!!…

BELIEBER: @RReidsHollywood hey please follow how did Selena react after he touched her

@snickerscrunch1 He was like whaaaaat? acting like a hurt puppy. She giggled and then hugged him.

BELIEBER: @RReidsHollywood Justin actually grabbed selenas boobs?

@jamieg621 With his left hand he cup her boob, but then acted all “like whaaat?”


BELIEBER: @RReidsHollywood how do you grab someone’s boob in a sweet way ?? Like is that possible I don’t get it ? Explain more please :}

@StayCalmBelieb He didn’t grab it and squeeze it, he more cupped it and fondled it. it was very quick

OMG tmi!!! Reminds me of Winnipeg when he grabbed her boobs and she was laughing.