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Justin Bieber flips his middle finger at Disneyland on Valentine's Day

Justin Bieber flips his middle finger at Disneyland on Valentine's Day

Well I guess JB’s Valentine’s Day with his family and Selena wasn’t as perfect as we thought. Guess they must be bugging him big time. Justin was caught not only flipping the middle finger at a girl but he also told her “Fuck You!” lol <3 You can see him flip his finger as he’s going into the ride with Jeremy while Selena is sitting in the front seat.

These girls are not fans and have been harassing them all day.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of them from the front. You can see Selena Gomez sitting in front with Jazmyn. And Justin and Jeremy are in the back seat and Jaxon is sitting on JB’s’ lap. They look so cute. This could have been a great day :/

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Justin Bieber’s middle finger surprise!

I wonder what’s going on in this picture. lol

justin bieber middle finger paparazzi selena gomez

These damn paparazzi got him again! This time it was in London yesterday when Justin arrived at Mr Chow’s for dinner.

And this is the thing, the paps want him to flip the middle finger because the picture is worth lots of money. So they act like asses hoping that Justin would get mad and react and if they can get a picture of that reaction then they make more money. So annoying how they work. These guys should leave him alone already.

Justin Bieber flips middle finger to paparazzi in London, England

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