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how much justin bieber makes earns

This is some interesting info.

Justin released the first song “Boyfriend” from his new album BELIEVE on March 26, 2012. In the first week it sold 521,000 digital copies on the internet alone making it the second highest selling debut ever in history (Flo Rida’s “Right Round” is #1 with 636,000 downloads).

So how much money did Justin earn from that one song for that one week?

Here’s the complete break down:

$672,090.00 — Total “Boyfriend” made from March 26 to April 1, 2012 on iTunes

-$287,070.97 — Justin’s record label gets the most money from the total of $672,090.

-$203,190.00 — Total money that Apple’s iTunes make for selling “Boyfriend”

-$24,109.28 — Money made by Mike Posner who is the producer of “Boyfriend”

-$21,442.41 — This goes to Mason Levy for co-writing “Boyfriend”

-$8,000.61 — This goes to Matthew Musto for co-writing “Boyfriend”

-$11,852.76 — This goes to publishers Universal Music, Sony/ATV, and Warner/Chappell

$116,423.97 < —— This is how much Justin made from selling “Boyfriend” on iTunes in just 1 week.

That’s just from downloads on the internet. The CD single is also sold in stores which is not even counted in these numbers. Plus Justin also makes money every time Boyfriend is played on radio and on TV stations around the world which is not even counted yet. So JB makes more money than you can imagine! And that’s just for 1 week! And that’s just from 1 song!!

In case you’re all wondering, Justin is reported to have over $105 million dollars by now. And he just used $6 million of that to buy this house a couple of weeks ago.

pattie mallette justin bieber’s new house 2012

Justin never uses his money to buy much but that’s about to change. Looks like he’s ready to buy not just one, but two mega-mansions. One as a birthday present for himself, and another for his mom of course.

Justin has been on a real estate hunt in L.A. for a while but now, sources connected to the singer tell us he’s narrowed his search down to 3 pads.

2 of the mansions are in Calabasas, CA which is home of the Kardashians and Britney Spears.

One of the estates Justin is eyeing has a $6 million price tag while another is $8 million. The third home Biebs is interested in is in the Hollywood area, a PIMPED OUT bachelor pad currently being rented by Ashton Kutcher. We’re told that place is listed for $10 million.

That means he’ll be spending at least $14 million if he gets the 2 cheapest houses.

TMZ also reports that for his birthday, Justin has plans to go parachuting in the afternoon, having a fancy dinner in the evening, and then followed by a fun birthday party.

justin bieber rolex watch

Justin posted the picture above of him wearing a watch with the quotes “Rolly Polly olly” on Instagram. That piece of bling is a Rolex watch. Before this watch I think the most expensive watch he owns is a Casio G-Shock black diamond watch which costs $2000. But that doesn’t come anywhere close to this Rolex. Rolex are expensive! I can’t tell from his picture exactly which type of Rolex watch he has now but I think it’s safe to say it should be somewhere between $7000 to $10000. Talk about SWAG! Love the Louie Vuitton belt btw.

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justin bieber spending too much money

This article is all wrong….

Justin Bieber is a 17-year-old bazillionaire who probably hasn’t learned to save his loads of hard-earned cash yet. So we guess we shouldn’t be too surprised at some of his frivolous purchases. But $19,000 for a single trip on a private jet? We’re just glad he hasn’t bought the $22 million Cessna Citation X jet yet.

Thanks to Bieber’s photo-sharing Instagram account, fans everywhere can see what Bieber’s up to by the pictures he posts…as well as how much the pop star is spending on a daily basis. In addition to the $19K a pop private jet trip, Bieber has spent a few gazillian pretty pennies on other luxuries too.

Those items include a Ferrari F430 ($200,000), a Lamborghini Gallardo ($200,000), a chartered yacht for two ($300,000) and a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich ($2.75.) OK, so that last thing isn’t exactly a frivolous purchase, but it is delicious.

Anyway, here’s a photo (above) that Justin’s music video director (and good friend) Alfredo Flores tweeted while aboard the flashy jet with the following caption:

“BOOM BOOM POW! @JustinBieber @SelenaGomez…See the creeper?”

That creeper is Justin’s bodyguard in the background by the way. And the dude sticking his tongue out is Mr. Alfredo Flores himself, just in case you’re wondering.

But, back to the point. Do you think Justin Bieber’s private jet purchases are too much — or does he have a right to spend spend spend?


The article above is based on Yahoo’s original article here. This is how they break down JB’s spending. (In brackets are my own comments.)

  • XOJet Chartering: $12,000 – $19,000 per trip (It’s not like he was riding the chartered jet by himself. Justin’s management has to pay for the cost of flying people who work for JB. If you spend $15,000 and you can fly 15 people then it only costs $1000 each. Whoopty doo. It’s more convenient. And many times there are security issues at the airport as we’ve seen in Australia and New Zealand.)
  • Box seats at a Falcons game: $1,839 per seat, $288,000 for whole suite (It wasn’t box seats where they were sitting. Proof here. Look at the last picture. Those aren’t box seats. Plus they came as Usher’s guest meaning Justin most likely paid nothing. Next!)
  • Casio G-Shock black diamond watch: approx. $2,000 (ok I give them this but $2,000 is not even close to what real expensive watches cost.)
  • Swimming with beluga whales at the Georgia Aquarium: $224.95 (I would paid $225 to do this. I’m hella poor!)
  • Chartering a yacht for two: approx. $300,000 (I can’t remember them chartering in a yacht. Did they mean Russell Simmon’s yacht? The yacht they were on in Hawaii last year doesn’t look like it would cost $300,000 to rent.)
  • Ferrari F430 – approx. $200,000 (not his)
  • Lamborghini Gallardo: approx. $200,000 (not his)

Justin doesn’t actually spend that much money. Not for someone who makes as much as he does. He’s still grounded and coming from a poor background. He understands the value of money. Hate it how these “well respected” sites write exaggerated things to make Justin look like some kind of horrible person.


justin bieber cadillac smiling

Justin went to West Coast Customs in Corona, California yesterday to pick up his brand new custom Cadillac CTS V Coupe. That car looks #sick.

justin bieber’s car

Wow. Justin bought a brand new car. I guess this must be his second car other than the Range Rover (which Usher did not buy for him – please get your story straight). I take it that Justin must have bought this Cadillac himself.

Well he’s getting it custom done up right now at West Coast Customs. The Caddy started off with red paint before WCC added their finishing all-black paint and crystal-blue LED headlights.

Below is a rendering of how JB’s Cadillac will look like when it is finished. He’s gonna look so hot driving this baby around.

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UPDATE: Justin Bieber’s Batmobile Cadillac pulled over by police

justin selena 2011

Reportedly, teen singer Justin Bieber is spending money like it’s water! I guess he might as well, it’s not like he can take it with him, right?

A pal of the singer’s said, “Justin has amassed a lot of money in a very short time, but he’s not good at managing finances and he’s constantly trying to impress Selena. It’s mind boggling how much he’s spent in just the past few months.”

Do tell!

The snitch revealed,

“Justin regularly charters private planes to fly Selena and a few of her friends to meet him at various stops on his tour. When they can’t be together, he buys out florist shops and sends her enormous bouquets. During a shopping trip in New York City in late June, he treated Selena to tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothes, accessories and jewelry. Then he whisked her off to the Hamptons for a cruise on a luxury yacht.”

He also snatched her up for a trip to Maui in May and then forked over $10,000 a night to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. And when she was hospitalized, Justin went all out, buying her a $30,000 diamond encrusted Cartier watch to boost her spirits. Must be nice!

The source went on to say,

“Justin also spends up to $15,000 a week on dinners and entertainment for a huge entourage of friends and bodyguards. One false move and Justin could become a pop culture punchline like so many teen stars before him.”