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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are more powerful than ever! According to Google they are officially the most powerful celebrities on the internet.

What does that mean exactly? On average, every month the global search volume for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is 50.6 million. While Justin Bieber gets 30.4 million global searches a month, Selena Gomez gets just over 20 million.

The power couple are talked about daily from hair styles to MTV award nominations and controversies. Thanks to VEVO’s huge online ratings, Disney shows, music tours, viral videos, and endless hype, both young stars are prominent much unlike any other couple in America. Their popularity outranks other major stars including Lady Gaga and Madonna.

Below you can find out how Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez compare in the online search ratings compared to other celebrities like Lady Gaga, Eminem and Michael Jackson.

Most popular online celebrities:

  • Justin Bieber : 30,4 million
  • Selena Gomez : 20.4 million
  • Lady Gaga : 16.6 million
  • Barack Obama : 15.43 million
  • Michael Jackson : 13.6 million
  • Eminem : 11.1 million
  • Madonna: 11.1 million
  • Angelina Jolie: 5 million
  • Kristen Stewart: 4.09 million
  • Brad Pitt: 2.74 million
  • George Clooney : 1.5 million