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Drake’s original was awesome but this remix is even better.
Lyrics & Mp3 download


Recovery is now available on iTunes. Get it here.

justin bieber boyfriend remix 2 chainz

Another cool remix of Boyfriend. Download the mp3 here.

justin bieber hot remix boyfriend

I absolutely love this remix. Best remix of Boyfriend I’ve heard so far. Thanks for making it Mitch <333

Download the mp3 here: Justin Bieber – Boyfriend [Summer Chill Remix]


A JB Shrine exclusive!

We have obtained the official release of “Eenie Meenie”mp3 clear and uninterrupted. Other than Sean Kingston’s site and his Youtube channel, I don’t think you can find this anywhere.

The player is to the right. Enjoy.

Btw, this is not the only track that they recorded together.

Listen now:

Have I got a treat for you guys. I came across a site with an awesome remix of ONE TIME featuring D-Pryde. This remix is better than the previous remix featuring City Boy. I really like the piano background.

To download the mp3 follow this link, click download, and wait util the clock goes to zero and then click again to download the file.

Stayed tuned for some more cool remixes.

Here is an unreleased version of Justin’s new track “Never Let You Go”. You won’t find this on itunes. This is how he really sounds like in the studio without sound mixing. I really like this version because if I close my eyes I can imagine him singing the song to me in person. Really!! ahahaha. Try it. Play the song and close your eyes.
Never Let You Go (unreleased version)

To download this mp3 go here and click the blue download button in the middle of the page.