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Again I can’t watch these videos from MTV cause they don’t play in Canada :/ but I’m quite sure the answer to this question is yes 🙂 Am I right or am I right?

justin bieber prank punkd rob dyrdek

Cool. Looks like Justin isn’t just pranking Taylor Swift but also did one on Fantasy Factory’s Rob Dyrdek. The video doesn’t play in Canada so I can’t exactly what the prank is but accordingn to MTV:

In the clip, we see Rob, Justin and Sean Kingston having dinner at a restaurant. Things are going well until suddenly, some chick drives her car straight into the patio where the dudes are eating! She crashes into everything. The entire restaurant, including Rob, Justin and Sean, literally goes into shock. Once the car stops, the angry driver gets out, slams the door and starts coming straight for their table. Girlfriend is pissed, and she did this on purpose.

On Sunday at 7:30 p.m. ET, fans can get a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be Justin Bieber in MTV’s special, “The Diary of Justin Bieber.” In this preview of the special, which was filmed last month while the singer was in France promoting his album My World 2.0 — which comes out tomorrow — he speaks to a reporter from his hotel room about how he finds inspiration for his love songs at such a young age (he turned 16 earlier this month).
“It’s weird when people say, ‘You’re only 15,’ because I know I am only 15, but at the same time I think at any age you can experience love. Whether you’re 80 or 5 you’re always gonna … I don’t know. There’s a difference between love and being in love because you can love someone but not necessarily be in love. So I think I’ve loved girls, but I don’t know — I haven’t been in love before.
Bieber allows that he first found love at an even earlier age. “I was 13,” he says, before mentioning Ludacris, who collaborated with him on the song “Baby.” “Luda says [in the song] he was 13 [when he first found love].”
In another scene, Bieber is at an indoor basketball court goofing around, dribbling the ball. Before he leaves he decides to try his hand at sinking a basket from half court.
“Last shot of the day, this is how we do it,” he says. And, almost flawlessly, he sinks the ball. “Boom! I’m out. Yes! That’s how a real basketball player plays!”
MTV News will be rolling out previews from “The Diary of Justin Bieber” all week — don’t miss the full show, airing on MTV Sunday at 7:30 p.m. ET!
justin bieber vmas mtv 2011 pictures

An echo of screams followed Justin Bieber into the 2011 VMAs as he made his way down the press line –but only half of them were from adoring fans, the rest were freaking out over his snake!

That’s right, a bespeckled Biebs made his way into the award ceremony carrying a snake wrapped around his hand. While small, it definitely stood out as the most interesting arm accessory of the night thus far. He continued the accessory trend with a couple gold neck chains, including one that had a golden skull pendant.

His slithery friend (named Johnson) seemed peaceful as they made their grand entrance, but we’re not sure how PETAs going to feel about this, or his girlfriend Selena Gomez for that matter!

Justin is nominated for his video “Make U Smile.”



Pictured above is the rumored 2011 MTV Video Music Awards scheduled performances. As you can see Justin is “with special guest” for Chris Brown’s performance of “Next To You” while Selena is set to take part in the Britney Spears tribute with Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Victoria (Justice?).

Again is this the rumored list circulating the internet. Personally I don’t think it’s real. Selena has already confirmed that she isn’t taking part in the Britney tribute and I’ve yet to hear any news that Justin will also be performing this year. Guess we’ll have to wait and see this Sunday night.



Justin Bieber‘s adolescence has been far from ordinary but he proved to be just one of the guys in this exclusive sneak peek of ‘Rob Dyrdek‘s Fantasy Factory.’

Boxing, hooping and talking trash, the teen heartthrob went on a rampage inside Dyrdek’s famous warehouse.

“I was trying to inspire [Bieber] to be like, ‘You gotta be crazy,”‘ said Dyrdek. But the Biebs needed little instruction as shown in our exclusive clip of this never-before-seen footage.

Watch the entire episode dedicated to show outtakes when it airs on Monday at 10:30 PM ET/PT on MTV.