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Has Bieber Fever struck again? Just when ratings for MTV’s new scripted comedy The Hard Times of RJ Berger most needed a boost, Justin Bieber may have helped bring in a crowd.

To wit, MTV has renewed Hard Times for a second season, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively. The decision comes after a recent upswing in viewership that coincides with the 16-year-old pop superstar endorsing it as “funny stuff.” Twelve new episodes will premiere sometime next year.

Here’s how our friend with the famously flippable locks lent a hand: On July 19, Bieber tweeted “Just met the guys who created that new show on @MTV “The Hard Times of #RJBerger” — good dudes. Show’s on tonight at 10pm. Funny stuff.” That night, ratings shot up 9 percent from the week prior. The following episode gathered even more steam, jumping 14 percent from the episode before Bieber’s tweet.

All told, the show has grown 31 percent in the last four weeks among MTV’s target 12-to-34-year-old audience. Hard Times centers on the high school trials of a nerdy teen who achieves some notoriety when his classmates discover he’s, er, well-endowed.

David Katzenberg, who co-created and executive produces Hard Times with Seth Grahame-Smith, said he knew Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, and sent the singer some DVDs of the show to get his opinion. The supportive tweet came shortly after.

“The show gets a big teen male audience,” Katzenberg said, adding that Bieber’s tweet couldn’t have come at a better time. “Hard Times is a word-of-mouth show and kids are not in school right now where they would be talking about it. That’s a problem for us, but Bieber’s fans are insanely loyal and I think it’s rubbing off on our show.”

Katzenberg personally helped to combat ratings erosion by getting his famous friends who enjoy the show — including girlfriend Nicky Hilton and her sister Paris — to use their social networking for good. Other celebrities who have tweeted their love include Holly Madison, Travis Barker (who appeared as himself in an episode), Ryan Seacrest, Rob Dyrdek, and Lil Jon.

A new episode of MTV’s Hard Times airs Monday at 10/9c.

Shoot with @mtv cooking up some goodness. 
This is gonna be cool.

Wonder what Justin and MTV has in store?


MTV Movie Awards Promo

Justin Bieber was spotted in the audience at “American Idol” a few weeks back when his mentor Usher performed on the show. But Bieber himself will get the opportunity to perform on the “Idol” stage during Wednesday’s (April 21) “Idol Gives Back” special. And the singer said he could have easily been one of the contestants on the stage if everything had worked differently.
“For sure! You know … we used to watch [the show]. Me and my mom used to watch it when I was little and we were like, ‘I could get on there, you know,’ ” he told MTV News. “When I turned 16, I might have went and tried out, but this was faster,” he said of being discovered on YouTube.
Bieber also said that he stopped by the show to help out with charitable organizations and actually did not give advice to any of the “Idol” hopefuls. “It was great. I was just there. I didn’t really work with any of the contestants,” he said. “I was there supporting Usher when he performed.”
“Idol” producers handpicked Bieber as one of the many artists to grace the “Idol Gives Back” stage. “I looked at that night as a good night for him to be on, because he’s absolutely phenomenal,” executive producer Cécile Frot-Coutaz explained. “And he’s young and he’s a real inspiration for [the] young generation, so it was a really good fit for him to be in that special episode.”

‘Bieber fever, man, call the doctor,’ says Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice.

As Justin Bieber‘s My World 2.0 tops the Billboard albums chart, it’s starting to feel like the whole world has a case of Bieber fever. And in addition to the legions of screaming teen girls who love the 16-year-old, young celebrities appear to be succumbing to Bieber’s charms too.
“The Last Airbender” star Nicola Peltz gushed to MTV News about the pop star at the Kids’ Choice Awards, where Bieber performed over the weekend. “I’m feeling the fever!” she said. Former “American Idol” contestant Allison Iraheta is also feeling hot for the teen star these days. “I have Bieber fever!” she shared. “Who doesn’t?”
Selena Gomez, who once told us she feels like a “big sister” to Bieber, added that her loyalty runs very deep. But does she have the fever? “Of course! I do, absolutely, yes!”
Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice, whose new show “Victorious” premiered after the KCAs, added her name to the infected list. “Oh, man! Bieber fever, man, call the doctor. I got it bad!” she quipped.
Meanwhile, actress Jasmine Villegas, Bieber’s love interest in the “Baby” music video, seemed to have a much milder case. “Of course, he’s, like, a really cool friend of mine,” she said. “But he’s definitely super talented.”
There have been some reported cases among male Bieber fans too. Boys Like Girls lead singer Martin Johnson said, “I think he’s the man.” And Bieber’s “Eenie Meenie” collaborator, Sean Kingston, is happy that so many people have the fever these days. “That’s my little bro,” he said. “I’m gonna support him and be excited for him.”
Bieber said he appreciates all the support his fans and other celebrities have shown him since being catapulted to superstar status. “It feels great,” he said at the KCAs. I’m just happy to be here, happy to have so many supportive fans.”

The Diary of Justin Bieber
watch the Diary

I guess Canada and the rest of the world doesn’t have to wait any longer to watch this. 🙂

Watch the full 4 part video of ‘The Diary of Justin Bieber” here.

Part 1:Justin Bieber Takes You To Paris
The superstar does a private performance, and then a more public
one for the French fans who couldn’t get in.

Part 2: Justin Bieber Visits French Radio Stations
Check out the “really weird” questions they ask the 15-year-old

while he promotes his new album.

Part 3: An Arm Injury Won’t Stop Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber takes the stage for his fans after a minor arm injury.

Part 4: Justin Bieber And His Best Friend Ryan Play Basketball
Back in New York, Bieber makes an amazing shot from half-court while

goofing around with his best friend.

If you have a problem viewing the videos then try here.