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justin bieber selena gomez lookalike boyfriend video

Here’s another video. Ok I have to admit if I was Selena I would be a tad bit jealous too. Wouldn’t you be? He’s had many girls in all his other videos but none have been this romantic looking.


That Mustang is out of control! Justin can be seen in black with gold sneakers. If you haven’t seen the pics of Selena on the set of the music video then take a look at them here. She was all over him, hugging and kissing him like crazy, and even straddling him in front of everyone. I thought she was more reserved than that but then I think I now realize why.

Because Justin kept eyeing the girl in the video which people say kinda looks like her.

What’s going on here? Do you think Selena felt like she had something to prove to the other girl? Like “he’s mine!” lol