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Jasmine V and JB Wear The Same Damn Bracelet justin bieber

Damn it! 🙁


Over the last few weeks, Justin Bieber has jokingly come on to Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Megan Fox.

But what kind of girl is the singer actually in the market for? Read closely, ladies, as Bieber revealed the traits that give him love fever in a recent interview.

“She needs to have a nice personality, a good sense of humour, nice eyes and a brain,” he said. “What’s the point of having a nice looking girlfriend if you can’t talk to her? You want to be able to sit down to dinner and be with someone who you can have a proper conversation with.”

Sorry, Kim. That takes you out of the running.

“I don’t like girls who wear lots of make-up and you can’t see their face. Some girls are beautiful but insecure and look much better without the make-up, but decide to put loads on.”

Once again: very sorry, Kim.

Once Bieber has found a gal he wants to pursue, how does he work his game? The star shared:

“At first I won’t let her know – you’ve got to pace yourself. Then, maybe by the end of the conversation, I’d ask her something like, ‘Do you have a phone number that I could reach you at?’ That’s usually how it goes.”


This article didn’t mention the fact that JB also does not like girls with big sunglasses.


It can’t get any bigger than that.

Sorry Kimmy. He wants brains, less makeup and small sunglasses. Three strikes and you’re out.

Justin Bieber is turning into a man

So JB has confirmed he’s going through puberty. Woo hoo! There’s no doubt he’s changed a lot in the last year. He looks older. His voice is lower and raspy now. Even a simple picture comparing him now and this time last year shows a big difference in his looks. The eyes have gotten sexier. The lips have gotten sexier. And just about everything has gotten hotter don’t you think?

To show you how much he’s changed in exactly one year’s time, I dug out an old interview which I really like that took place exactly one year ago today, June 22, 2009, at The Bert Show on Q100, a local radio show in Atlanta.

If you’re a new Belieber then this is one interview you have to watch. There’s a lot of history in it.

Oh I’m gonna miss that sweet high pitched “One Time” voice. 🙁  But I’m looking forward to see how Justin Bieber THE MAN will look and sound like this time next year. HAWT!

[Sorry but this picture has been removed]

Remember that chick grabbing myBiebz’s bum bum?

Well Justin hated that she can’t dance. haha Yay!


As a baseball fan you can go to a lifetime’s worth of games and never get the chance to catch a foul ball. Justin did just that on his ‘first pitch’ appearance in Chicago. But instead of keeping it (and probably making a ton of headlines) he handed it to a fan…..

As if his pop music weren’t gift enough to the world, teen mega-sensation Justin Bieber proved his generosity yet again at Monday’s White Sox game.

Bieber was there throwing out the first pitch, ahead of a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show in support of his upcoming album. (Watch video of Bieber’s pitch.)

But in the third inning, a Paul Konerko fly ball headed Justin’s way. An 18-year-old fan, Alex Rittel, jumped out of his seat to try to corral the pop-up, but it bounced off Rittel’s hand and into the pop star’s box.

The Sun-Times has the story:

“I jumped up and tried to grab it, but it tipped off my fingers and went into [Bieber’s] suite. I was like, ‘Oh, man, that’s a bummer.’ Then, the next thing I know, he walks up to me and says, ‘Here you go, man.’ “

Rittel asked Bieber — an Internet sensation who recently became the youngest male solo artist to have a No. 1 album on the Billboard chart — if he could sign the ball. After borrowing a pen, the shaggy-haired teen icon obliged.

“I took the ball to school today to show everyone. So many girls were jealous. So many girls.”


Now how sweet is that?

Selena Gomez Paris Lunch001

Let me guess…. The people that made up this “100 Unsexiest Men of the Year” list must be …..

(I tried my hardest not to post this kind of bull crap on here but I think you all should know. Yes…OLD MEN!)

Click this link and give Justin a SEXY VOTE.