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Just got my @JustinBieber
Never Say Never DVD. #BieberFever
– Britney

I absolutely love Britney Spears for all the hardship she’s gone through. And to see that she loves Justin’s movie so much as to tweet about it to all her fans to support Justin is totally awesome. <3 Love you Brit!

justin bieber hot pics


Oh I get it. He’s on tour in Asia and can’t really do the promotions for the DVD/Blu-ray release of Never Say Never this weekend so he’s doing a bunch of these videos instead.

Dang is he hot or is he hot?



What a weird video. Usually Justin is very smooth at making these videos. He seems totally out of it here. And it’s titled “Ryan Seacrest” and JB clearly said “Brian”. What’s going on here?


This clip of Justin getting his hair cut never made it to the movie we all watched in the theatres, but you can find it in the Never Say Never DVD which comes out May 13. You can pre-order here or you can enter JBShrine’s contest coming up soon (we have a few copies of the dvd to give away and some other prizes too).

Here is another bonus clip:




Justin on Twitter:

Thanks to everyone for seeing #NSN3D around the world! so we are OFFICIALLY getting #NEVERSAYNEVER3D to Blu-ray & DVD May13th. Preorder NOW and I’m signing some for my fans! #MUCHLOVE.

Apparently there were 1,800 autographed limited edition copies but those where sold out within minutes and are not available anymore for pre-order.


I’ve posted way too many clips of the movie. I bet if you piece them all together you’d have most of it.

Anyways, this is the last week to catch the movie in theatres so if you haven’t yet then go see it. Especially if you want to watch it in 3D (which I recommend) because you can’t get the 3D experience at home.