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video justin bieber norway concert may 2012

All streaming / filming was interrupted by Universal Musics guards due to rights, thats why the cameras was put to the ground before last song.

25,000 crazy teenage girls (and a few fanboys) filled the roof at Oslo`s opera
Oslo has been a complete chaos during Biebers stay in Norway…
Some of the fans have been waiting for at least 12 hours without food and water to see Justin Bieber..

Song 1 “Baby”
Song 2 “All Around The World”
Song 3 “As Long As You Love Me”
Song 4 “Be Alright”
Song 5 “Never Let You Go”
Song 6 “Never Say Never”
Song 7 “Boyfriend”

Last Song “Boyfriend was not recorded.”
Sorry for bad sound…


justin bieber norway may 2012

Pictures of Justin Bieber’s Concert in Oslo, Norway May 30, 2012 here

justin bieber kissed fan oslo norway 2012

Dang this girl’s got guts and I say way to go! She ran right up to him and kisses and hugs him. This was yesterday (May 30, 2012) on the streets in Oslo, Norway.
Did you miss the kiss? Here it is in very slow mo. Would you do the same if you meet Justin? I’d be so scared to.

justin bieber norway 2012 fans boat chase

“got followed last night in a WHOLE new way. NORWAY! thank you. Paris is next.” – Justin Bieber

Craziness! Norway definitely loves the Biebs.


I also just found out Justin will be in Norway May 30th so I guess he’ll be going to a few places in Europe at the end of this month to promote his upcoming album Believe.


Wow!! This has to be the ultimate planking picture ever. EPIC!!

UPDATE: CRAP! Tricked once again!

Hell to the NO! Not again Batman! I have been fooled. This isn’t Justin. And it’s not even a whale!

This guy is Bendik Hamsund. He’s 14 years old and from Norway. His dad is a fisherman. Not knowing why their fishing net was so heavy, they were shocked to see it was a humungous dead shark when they pulled up the net. Bendik thought it would be a great idea to plank on the back of the dead shark. Brilliant.

This has to be the ultimate plank picture ever. It would be EPIC if it really was JB though.

hotjustinbieberpicture denmarknorway

Got this hilarious email today from a reader….


My friend Emilie and I (Ingvild) are huge beliebers and traveled from Norway to Denamrk (Herning) to see JB’s concert there April 1. And something CRAZY happened to us!!

We arrived outside the concert in a limo, there was a huge open space there FULL of Beliebers. And they all thought we were Justin Bieber!!! They went crazy and attacked the limo trying to get a glimpse of JB, when it really was just me and my friend!!!

When we got out everyone was lik ahhh…..haha they were a bit dissapointed! bet they all thought it was just an April Fools, but we hadn’t planned for it to happen:P

It’s the craziest thing I’ve experienced in my life!!! Different to see the craziness from JB’s perspective!! We really feel like we got a glimps of how it is to be Justin!!

We even got on TV in Denmark…lol so here is a clip:

http://www.tvmidtvest.dk/nettv/?id=5281 skip to about 13:50 that’s when we arrive;)

We’re regular readers of your blog and love what you write!! so… we just thought you’d like to know, and maybe wanted to write about what happened to us! 😉 #muchlove!!

From @emiliebelieber and @Ingvild_JB 🙂

Thanks Emily! That was too funny. Taking a limo to a concert? lol What else do you expect? I was already laughing when I read the email and when I saw your white limo drive up in the video I laughed even harder. This made my day. Thanks for sharing your funny story with us.