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The Economics of Bieber Fever

How can people afford $200 a ticket? Yet the whole Believe tour was sold out in an hour. Amazing! Were you lucky enough to get a ticket? If yes then how much did you pay for one ticket?

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Justin Bieber’s new music video has set a record-breaking number of views on YouTube. “Boyfriend”, which was premiered on Thursday, May 3 night, received more than 8 million views within just 24 hours.

The number posted by Bieber’s video shattered previous record breaker, Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been”, which was released a week prior. As of Sunday morning, “Boyfriend” has garnered more than 13 million hits, thanks partly to the campaign that the heartthrob has launched on Twitter to make “Boyfriend” the most popular video ever posted on YouTube.


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Showing the most-searched terms typed by people from around the world, Google puts Justin Bieber as the most popular person this year. The 17-year-old singer beats #2 Kim Kardashian, #3 Lady GaGa and #4 Nicki Minaj on the “Most-Searched People” list.

The Canadian singer undoubtedly comes out on top due to the buzzing news of his new albums, “Under the Mistletoe” and “Believe”, his then-ongoing tour, and his baby drama with Mariah Yeater. Even some of the mundane news about him being out and about also seemed to attract online readers.

Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez, claims the sixth place behind Casey Anthony. Throughout the year, she repeatedly appeared on the front page of Google due to the release of her album “When the Sun Goes Down”, her tour, and health scare. Her relationship with the “Baby” hitmaker and her hosting gigs at some major events also got wide coverage on the web.


justin bieber 2011 twitter top trending topic

Today Hootsuite, a social-media tracker website used to manage social networks and measure their popularity has announced that Justin Bieber is 2011’s top trending topic on Twitter.

With the release of his blockbuster 3D movie “Never Say Never”, top selling perfume “Someday”, and #1 album “Under the Mistletoe” Justin had plenty of reasons this year to keep people talking about him on Twitter. And of course the Baby Mama Drama pregnancy story brought by Mariah Yeater made sure he remained the King of Twitter even though Twitter changed the trending topic calculations in order to keep Justin from trending! Never underestimate the powers of Beliebers!!

Below are the Top 10 Trending topics of 2011:

  1. Justin Bieber
  2. Soccer/Football (Womens FIFA World Cup)
  3. Lady Gaga
  4. NBA
  5. Jonas Brothers
  6. Christmas
  7. Super Junior (9 member South Korean boy band)
  8. Britney Spears
  9. Japan Earthquake
  10. One Direction
justin bieber kim kardasian bing

It’s no secret that the world caught Bieber fever in 2011. Teen pop star Justin Bieber was the most searched person of the year on Bing.com, knocking out Kim Kardashian for the coveted top spot.

Search engine Bing announced on Monday its “most searched” lists for 2011, which includes celebrities, tech products, TV shows and news stories.

Kim Kardashian didn’t fall too far behind Bieber. Kardashian dropped to second place, still ahead of Jennifer Aniston (third) and Lindsay Lohan (fourth). Jennifer Lopez soared to the fifth-most searched person this year after not even making the top 50 in 2010.

The Middleton sisters (of Royal Wedding fame) also received a lot of search attention in 2011, thanks to Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William in April — Kate came in at number 12, Pippa at 21. Although the royal wedding was the most-searched celebrity event of the year, Prince William didn’t even make the top 100 list. President Barack Obama also took a hit, placing 49th on the list, down from fifth place in 2010.


justin bieber youtube 2 billion views

Justin Bieber has become the first person to top 2 billion YouTube views.

The singer passed the milestone over the weekend after his latest music video for festive track ‘Mistletoe’ reached 27 million views in a week.

To date, the star has amassed 2,004,247,332 views across the video-sharing site.

Bieber continues to hold the record for the most viewed music video on YouTube with his clip for ‘Baby’ currently sitting at 650 million hits.

Lady GaGa beat the 17-year-old to the 1 billion mark back in October 2010, but he quickly overtook and now has a lead of 320 million.

However, GaGa still remains the most popular person on Twitter with 15 million followers compared to Bieber’s 13.9 million.

Meanwhile, Rihanna comes in as the third-highest YouTube star with 1.7 billion views and is currently the fastest-growing, while Eminem trails with 1.5bn.

The top 10 music stars on YouTube are as follows:

1. Justin Bieber – 2 billion
2. Lady GaGa – 1.88 billion
3. Rihanna – 1.7 billion
4. Eminem – 1.51 billion
5. Shakira – 1.21 billion
6. Black Eyed Peas – 1.11 billion
7. Britney Spears – 1.01 billion
8. Beyonce – 1 billion
9. Chris Brown – 868 million
10. Michael Jackson – 810 million


justin bieber youtube

It’s an astonishing number: 2 billion. That’s the number Justin Bieber will soon hit in Youtube views of his videos. Lady Gaga isn’t too far behind.

When it comes to Youtube views of his music videos Justin Bieber is getting close to a number that seems rather incredible, to say the least – 2 billion. Yes, that’s 2 billion; as of Oct. 15, 2011, the Canadian super-crooner has had, and this according to Famecount.com, 1,936,079,930 views.

And counting.

At the rate the 17-year-old Bieb’s material is getting viewed, and with the upcoming planned release of his song Mistletoe on Oct. 18 from a Christmas album, ‘Under the Mistletoe’ (the album is coming out on Nov. 1), Bieber could hit that 2 billion figure in a very short period of time. Famecount is a social media aggregator that tracks social media numbers throughout the world wide web.

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga: Social Media Count War

It was actually about a year ago almost exactly that Bieber and Lady Gaga each first reached one billion Youtube views, the end of October of 2010. At that time Bieber was beaten to that landmark number by Lady Gaga, who has since fallen behind him in Youtube views. However, at 1,858,625,368 she’s not all that far behind.

Just about 78,000,000 views behind.

According to Famecount.com Gaga leads Bieber in Twitter followers, she leads the planet in Twitter followers, with about 14,500,000 to Bieber’s second place 13,400,000. As for the other major social media count, Facebook Fans, leader is Eminem, who nears 50,000,000 with Lady Gaga in third place and Justin Bieber sitting in sixth.

Youtube Bieber Hit Baby Leads in Views

The song that has received the most Youtube views of any is Bieber’s hit Baby, featuring Ludacris; that song now has about 650,000,000 views on its own. Lady Gaga’s biggest performer is Bad Romance with over 425,000,000 views. Other high performing Bieber songs include his One Time and Never Say Never, that version featuring Jaden Smith.

Rihanna is third in Youtube views (1,630,000,000), Eminem fourth (1,480,000,000), Shakira fifth (1,180,000,000).

As of this writing Bieber is gaining an astonishing 2,600,000 Youtube views each and every day and that number is going to skyrocket when the video for Mistletoe is released. It is conceivable that his numbers could hit that 2 billion mark in Youtube views by early in November.