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“Those are the first flowers I’ve ever gotten from a guy and they are from Justin Bieber!”

Chloe Kearton recounts her experience being Justin’s OLLG in Brisbane on Nov 26, 2013.




ahahaha hilarious. I think she was just nervous and wasn’t sure exactly what to do. Probably scared to look eye-to-eye with Justin. I’d be.


@justinbieber: Never Say Never

Aww she’s so sweet. She totally deserves it.


justin-bieber-ollg-guatemalaHere’s the OLLG from Guatemala. Her name is Sophy Castro and she posted this video of her special moment at the concert. Can’t believe she got to put her arms around him and slow dance with him too. Lucky!
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justin-bieber-ollg-panama-2013-4 justin-bieber-ollg-panama-2013-3 justin-bieber-ollg-panama-2013-1 justin-bieber-ollg-panama-2013-2

The lucky OLLG from the Panama concert yesterday. Would be so awesome to be one.

Now everyone please – go look at this post: Justin Bieber goes in for the kiss 🙂

justin bieber ollga australia 2012

Justin Bieber tells The Hot Hits about the Believe Tour, how to be the One Less Lonely Girl and challenges One Direction to a soccer match!

If you wanna contact Allison Kaye to be Justin’s OLLG here’s her twitter.

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