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Justin Bieber stop by NRJ Radio in Paris, France as he continues to promote his upcoming European tour. The Bieber speaks some french, makes fun of the french and explains what Swag means!



I also just found out Justin will be in Norway May 30th so I guess he’ll be going to a few places in Europe at the end of this month to promote his upcoming album Believe.

justin bieber selena gomez paris france 2011

As you may have noticed I’ve taken the last few days off. Every so often I need to take a break in order to manage my stress. And man was I ever stressed. If you follow us on Facebook you would know I was getting stressed out. But now I’m back 🙂

So where did we leave off? Justin flew into France after attending the EMAs in the UK with Selena and they were spotted going out for some French cuisine in Paris on November 8. According to Hollywood Life, they were really lovey-dovey and they didn’t care who was around….

“They kissed before sitting down and before they got up to leave,” our source tells us. “They held hands through dinner while their were being watched the entire time by other customers. Everyone knew who they were and they were in a very happy mood. They were laughing throughout most of the meal.”

It’s so wonderful to watch young love! Not to mention how awesome we think it is that Selena is standing by her man throughout his alleged baby mama drama!

This restaurant is a favorite among celebrities and we can see why! The pricey menu, which starts at about $30 a plate, boasts jumbo shrimp risoto, spicy thai beef tenderloin and more!

Enjoy these pics and video of them in Paris going out for dinner and going to the NRJ Radio station. More updates to come cuz I got a bit of catching up to do lol…


justin bieber mr roboto nickos aliagas

JB is such a joker. Nikos Aliagas didn’t do the interview this time with Justin at NRJ Radio today in Paris but Justin did meet up with him afterwards. This Nikos guy is so lucky. Justin ALWAYS sees him when he goes to Paris.



Mark it on your calendars – Justin will attend the NRJ Awards in Paris, France Jan 12, 2012.


Justin took a private jet from London to Paris last night. He’s there to promote “Under The Mistletoe” and to meet 3 kids from the “Make A Wish” foundation. He is expected to visit NRJ Radio studios today to be interviewed by Nikos Aliagas like he always does everytime he goes to Paris, France.

UPDATE: I didn’t think Selena went with him but apparent she is with Justin. Here’s a pic.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in Paris Nov 8 2011

Justin & Selena in Paris Nov 8 2011