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justin-bieber-hollywood-reporter-magazine-cover-2013The Hollywood Reporter wrote a huge article on JB. Go here to read it.

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justin bieber neo photoshoot winter 2013

This are the full video and pictures from Adidas NEO’s winter campaign photoshoot.

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Had just posted the video earlier and now here are some pictures of Justin’s Adidas NEO behind the scenes photoshoot. You can click on the pictures to make them much bigger.

justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-pictures-04 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-pictures-07 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-pictures-01 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-pictures-05 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-pictures-03 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-pictures-02 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-pictures-06
justin bieber adidas neo photoshoot picture 2013

As you can tell I’m trying to bring this site back up. Due to some personal reasons I could not put in the time needed to run this site like I used to so I decided to just stop entirely. Please have patience with me. I will try my best.

The video above is a behind-the-scenes of Justin’s Adidas NEO Spring Summer 2013 Photoshoot. It was released last week and I wanted to post it here for those that haven’t seen it yet. He is looking hawt in the vid.

justin bieber rolla coaster magazine cover photoshoot 2012

Justin is on the cover of this month’s issue of Rolla Coaster Magazine from the UK. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. see the pics

justin bieber aol photoshoot pictures 2012

see the pics