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Rumor has it that Justin has dumped Selena and he did it in the most classiest way – through Twitter! What better way to humiliate Selena then to make this public tweet? And then delete it!

Below is the rumored tweet. Supposedly.

First, I don’t know whether this tweet was even real. So many things can be photoshopped these days and this “screen capture” is not hard to fake. Did anyone of you actually see this tweet?

Second, let’s just say the tweet was real and that JB deleted it after. We all know Justin is a prankster but we also know he is not a cruel person. To make a tweet like that to tell his 22 million Beliebers that he had dumped Selena is not the type of person Justin is. It would be humiliating for Selena if he lets the world know that he dumped her ass. And he knows that. And he wouldn’t do that.

But if the tweet was real then I predict “thank you for the time I had with you but I have to move on now…” will be part of the lyrics to one of his songs on the upcoming Believe album.

Just watch. I’ll bring this post back up on June 19th when the album comes out. I bet you I’m right. 🙂

JB was just being a prankster, if in fact the tweet was real – but I doubt it.

Btw Scooter has confirmed they are not broken up.


Ha! Damn I’m good. I was dead on! The tweet is fake and was photoshopped. JB’s rep has told GossipCop that it was a…

“fake tweet — never on his account or from him.”

Don’t believe any break up rumors. If they break up I will tell you for sure.

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John, a regular reader of JBShrine has been bugging me like crazy to post this picture but I keep saying no because I don’t think it’s Justin. I don’t like posting fake pictures on here unless its funny or worth it. But John has been bugging me so much insisting that it’s real that I’m going to get your guys opinion on this.

sexy justin bieber shirtless picture 2012

Is this Justin Bieber or is it a fake?

When I asked for proof John sent in a “screen capture” of Dan Kanter’s tweet confirming that it’s JB but the screen cap looks photoshopped to me.

But I’ll let you guys decide. Look closely at the pic….