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OK well u can imagine it’s your bed. I hope this makes up for the last planking post.

Read: Justin Bieber planking on the back of a whale!


Wow!! This has to be the ultimate planking picture ever. EPIC!!

UPDATE: CRAP! Tricked once again!

Hell to the NO! Not again Batman! I have been fooled. This isn’t Justin. And it’s not even a whale!

This guy is Bendik Hamsund. He’s 14 years old and from Norway. His dad is a fisherman. Not knowing why their fishing net was so heavy, they were shocked to see it was a humungous dead shark when they pulled up the net. Bendik thought it would be a great idea to plank on the back of the dead shark. Brilliant.

This has to be the ultimate plank picture ever. It would be EPIC if it really was JB though.