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If you haven’t heard yet, One Direction and The Wanted (both boy bands coming out from the UK and both making it big at the same time) aren’t exactly the best of friends. Read here.

It is rumored that Justin is scheduled to perform at the Olympics in London this summer and when the paparazzi caught up with The Wanted last night they were asked whether Justin should choose them over One Direction….

What do you think?


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Poll #1: Ended Feb 18, 2010
Wow, his hair seems to be really popular. No wonder I’ve 
been noticing more guys at my school with the Swoosh.
Poll #2: Ended March 9, 2010
I completely agree with you guys. Justin is funny, 
sweet, adorable, and has the best personality ever!

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Selena Gomez posted a picture today of Justin today smiling behind the wheel of an Audi on her Instagram and said:

“This smile is because of Carly Rae Jepsen.. We have not stopped listening your song girl!”

The song they were listening to in the car is by Carly Rae Jepsen who happens to actually live very close to me in Mission, British Columbia (Canada). She placed third on the fifth season of ‘Canadian Idol’ and released her first album Tug of War’ in 2008. Her new album “Curiosity” is coming out and “Call Me Baby” is the first song to be released on the album. They play this song our local radio here all the time!

Carly saw Justin and Selena’s support for her song and tweeted back:

“Can’t describe how flattered I am,” the Canadian singer-songwriter replied. “Thank you @selenagomez and @justinbieber for the love. Xo.”

Here is the song…

mariah yeater justin bieber sex scandal

Forget about the blood test. I’m telling you right now Justin would never get with this. We are talking about “JUSTIN BIEBER” here. He could get any girl he wants. ANY GIRL! But this one? To take his virginity? NOT! Sorry not trying to be mean but c’mon. This isn’t even realistic.


Just Jared Jr posted some lovely dovey pictures of Justin and Selena hugging, kissing, and hanging out at the Jets game in Winnipeg last night (yay that Winnipeg got their Jets back!!). I have a feeling some of you are gonna love this pics and some of you are gonna hate them.

selena gomez loves justin bieber 2011s

If you’ve been reading my posts for the last year, you would know that I’ve been very critical of Selena Gomez. I spent a lot of time to put my words together so you would understand where I was coming from when I wrote the Jelena article. I still believe she might not have entered the relationship for the right reasons but what’s most important is whether she truly loves Justin because it’s obvious how much he loves her.

I have to admit. From what I’ve seen in the last six months I am now convinced that she loves him. There’s no denying it. And that’s the only thing that matters. So I thought I’d salute Selena my own special way by posting my favorite SG song “Love You Like A Love Song”.

“Woo Woo” lmao!

Just wondering….

justin bieber lima peru killed

This is scary!! Justin’s life might be in danger when he performs in Peru!

Someone started a Facebook page and their sole plan is to kill Justin when he arrives to perform in Lima, Peru. The title of the page in English is “Kill Justin Bieber on October 17 at the National Stadium”. I can’t read whatever language it is in but it’s not a secret that it is quite dangerous in that part of the world.

"Kill Justin Bieber on October 17 at the National Stadium"

Now Beliebers, even the ones in Peru, are trying to warn JB and urge him not to perform in Lima on the 17th. #BiebsStayOutofPeru is currently trending on Twitter. This could be a hoax or just a way for haters in Peru to scare Justin into canceling his show. But this honestly must be taken seriously. There are a lot of crazies out there and now since there is a death threat they can’t go into Peru without at least beefing up security.

There are a lot of fans eagerly awaiting for what possibly would be their only chance to see JB perform in Peru. What do you think he should do?