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justin bieber prank punkd rob dyrdek

Cool. Looks like Justin isn’t just pranking Taylor Swift but also did one on Fantasy Factory’s Rob Dyrdek. The video doesn’t play in Canada so I can’t exactly what the prank is but accordingn to MTV:

In the clip, we see Rob, Justin and Sean Kingston having dinner at a restaurant. Things are going well until suddenly, some chick drives her car straight into the patio where the dudes are eating! She crashes into everything. The entire restaurant, including Rob, Justin and Sean, literally goes into shock. Once the car stops, the angry driver gets out, slams the door and starts coming straight for their table. Girlfriend is pissed, and she did this on purpose.

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Justin Bieber with Wilson Warren

Justin tweeted his own phone number last night and asked his fans to call him….well sorta.

Call me 4046616782 I wanna talk to my fans

Turns out the number actually belonged to birthday boy Wilson Warren, one of the people in JB’s crew and the tweet was a prank. Justin later let his fans in on the joke by tweeting,

That number was @Wilsonwarren number stop calling him please sorry Wilson Warren but u deserved it.

Warren responded with the following tweet,

I love my lil bro @justinbieber but all is fair in love and war. still friends. for now. Hahahaha.”

If this prank sounds familiar, in August of last year JB posted Kevin Kristopik‘s phone number on Twitter, but it was a revenge to get back at Kristopik for hacking Ryan Butler’s account in order to get Justin’s phone number.


A prankster pulls one over on a legion of the popstar’s fans by pretending to be him on the roof of a Zurich hotel during a recent tour date.


Woah this is happening more and more often. Remember Spain? But you have to admit it’s a bit funny.


Teeheehee. These 3 dudes are so funny. One of them posed as JB before his concert in Madrid to see how the fans would react and of course they went crazy!!

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Willow on Twitter:

My big brother’s Justin and Jaden pranked me on stage tonight…#payback!!! http://fb.me/xMKdIJE2