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Justin Bieber Tops Twitter's Most Listed

As you may already be aware, Lady Gaga is Twitter’s most-followed user with more than 5.74 million followers. But who is Twitter’s most-listed user?

Now that 10 months have passed since the introduction of Lists, who reigns supreme as Twitter’s most-listed user? Is it Lady Gaga, Twitter’s most-followed user? Or how about Britney Spears, who previously held the crown? Or perhaps it’s Ashton Kutcher, the “king of Twitter,” according to Oprah?

No, it’s Justin Bieber!!

1. Justin Bieber: 264,700+ lists
2. Lady Gaga: 106,900+ lists
3. Barack Obama: 98,700+ lists
4. Taylor Swift: 62,500+ lists
5. Demi Lovato: 61,700+ lists
6. CNN Breaking News: 61,000+ lists
7. Britney Spears: 59,900+ lists
8. Selena Gomez: 56,400+ lists
9. Ashton Kutcher: 54,100+ lists
10. Ellen DeGeneres: 53,700+ lists


Oh btw, Celebuzz is now saying that there’s a good chance that JB will take the crown from Lady Gaga as the most followed on Twitter by the end of the year. JBShrine made that prediction a while ago. :p


Yesterday afternoon Justin’s twitter account hit a milestone reaching the 4,000,000 followers mark and bumping him up to the 6th most followed account on Twitter. Yay!

Though Britney Spears, who is currently the most followed on Twitter, has 5,419,741 followers, her average number of new followers per day is only about 6,214. That is not even comparable to the number of new followers that Justin gets, a little over 20,000 per day. If things continue at this rate, expected Justin to take over as the King of Twitter in about 4 months, just before we ring in the 2011 new year.

This would make him the undisputed king of the internet (most searched, most viewed video on Youtube, and most followed on Twitter).

Congrats JB!


Teen sensations Brenda Song and Justin Bieber have reportedly inked a major endorsement deal with an upcoming candy in the works.

The candy the sensational young stars have supposedly agreed to endorse is the tentatively titled, Vuvuzela Balls, which is yet to be released.

The candy is set to be distributed by the popular German confectionery producer, Haribo. In addition, the candy brand’s name is not set in stone according to recent reports from the company.

The candy is developed by Hans Von Stuppenhauser, a German candy confectioner. Stuppernhauser is reportedly developing the candy to attract children and the pre-teenage market, which Bieber and Song are immensely popular in. The product Stuppenhauser is creating is set to become a major Haribo product and will have numerous new flavours.

Bieber and Song will appear in a worlwide campaign for Haribo’s upcoming candy. Song, the star of Disney’s hugely popular The Suite Life on Deck and Bieber, the popular 16-year-old pop singer, are both obliged to appear in commercial spots for Haribo together. Moreover, the American sensations will be paid millions for the high profiled endorsement deal with Maribo.


Even though this is coming from the Examiner, I’m pretty sure this story is not try. This story was originally posted a while ago on a website that is known for making up fake stories. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

With 245,336,730 views, BABY is now officially the


Honors for this video (6)
#4 – Most Discussed (All Time))
#1 – Most Discussed (All Time)) – Music
#1 – Most Viewed (All Time))
#1 – Most Viewed (All Time)) – Music
#13 – Top Favorited (All Time))
#6 – Top Favorited (All Time)) – Music

Let’s see:
 1) Most Searched on the Internet: Lady Gaga Justin Drew Bieber
 2) Most Viewed Video of All Time on Youtube: Lady Gaga Justin Drew Bieber
 3) Most Followed Person on Twitter: Britney Spears (5,339,640 and JB has 3,711,562)

2 down and 1 more to go before Justin can officially be proclaimed as the undisputed KING OF THE INTERNET.

Congratulations to JB for all your success. We’ll be there with you every step of the way.


After reading the No Country More Interested In Justin Bieber Than The Philippines article I was curious to see which is the currently Most Viewed YouTube Video of All Time since the article said BABY is now #3. And guess what? It happens to be Lady Gaga’s BAD ROMANCE which explains why her manager believes that YouTube is the Future, MySpace is the Past.

1. BAD ROMANCE 2.15 million views (Nov 23, 2009)
2. CHARLIE BIT MY FINGER 1.95 million views
3. BABY 1.66 million views (Feb 8, 2010)

So I wanted to see if JB could catch up to Lady Gaga and surpass her to become the most viewed of all time. Using a spreadsheet, I plugged in the numbers and made a graph. And below is that graph.

As you can see, BABY (orange) is increasing much faster than BAD ROMANCE (red) in a shorter amount of time. If you go look at the graphs on YouTube for each video, you can see that BAD ROMANCE is starting to level off while BABY keeps getting more and more popular each day.

From projections I predict BABY should become the Most Viewed YouTube Video of All Time by the end of 2010. Let’s see if I am right.  😉

See you guys at the end of the year (or maybe even earlier.)

Update: My predictions were right 8)

The cover for the single SOMEBODY TO LOVE has been released.

Guess I was right after all.

Fantastic because that’s my favorite song on the album. It’s so uplifting.


What did I tell you guys??

Oprah holding a Justin Bieber Oldest Biggest Fan contest only means one thing. And now it’s official. Justin will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Justin will show up on Tuesday, May 11, about a month before he begins his headlining tour in North America and Canada. During the episode Oprah will also invite Filipina singing sensation Charice whose self-titled album happens to be released on that day. Judging from the list of guest, the episode could be about young and popular performers.

Look how happy Oprah is of this news. (Much better than the surprised looked from last time hahaha)