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I honestly don’t understand the hype with this girl Rebecca Black. Sorry but I think “Friday” is an extremely annoying song and her voice. My god! It’s like her nose is plugged up, even more nasally than Miley’s voice. Taylor Swift? NOT!

Am I alone?

And by the way, I disagree with CleverTV that Miley was dissing JB too. When she said “It should be harder to be an artist than just putting a song on Youtube” she just meant Rebecca Black. Justin is Miley’s friend plus she knows JB has much more talent than she has as an artist.


Justin’s “Baby” video on Youtube has now surpassed the 500 million mark leapfrogging the former #1 video, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” which now has 362 million views.

“Baby” also holds the record for most dislikes at 1.15 million. But have no fear because the incredibly annoying “Friday” from Rebecca Black has already reached 1.14 million dislikes and the video has just been out a month ago. Now that’s a title I’m sure Justin wouldn’t mind losing.