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justin bieber sleeping 2012 lights on

Justin Bieber is still afraid of the dark so he ‘sometimes’ feels the need to keep his room lit in case he gets scared during the night.

Justin’s father Jeremy Bieber said:

‘My hands sweat a lot, so do his. And his feet. They don’t smell. And he was afraid of the dark for most of his life.’

Despite being afraid of the dark, the ‘Boyfriend’ hitmaker knows God is looking after him and he feels ‘blessed’ to be in such a privileged position within his life, so much so he thanks the Lord on a regular basis.

Justin explained to the Suns Time Magazine:

‘God means a lot to me. I pray when I go to sleep. I pray during the day, when I have a problem or when I just want to thank him for all he’s done for me. Without God I wouldn’t be in this position.