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justin bieber someday perfume award 2012

Justin Bieber will be honored with the Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance Celebrity Award from the Fragrance Foundation later this month for sales of his Someday perfume.

Along with Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck, the two young stars revitalized the celebrity fragrance industry, helping sales increase 57 percent in sales in 2011.

Justin’s women’s perfume Someday is one of the top sellers in department and specialty stores, while White Diamonds, the scent launched 20 years ago by the late Elizabeth Taylor, is tops in big box stores. JB even briefly bumped favorite fragrances like Chanel No. 5 and Coco Mademoiselle out of the top sales spots last year.

No word yet on whether Justin will show up in person to receive the award. We’ll keep you posted.




The last time Justin appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on June 25th, they did a funny commercial for his perfume Someday. Today a video was released showing the outtakes from the filming. This video was even funnier than the commercial itself. LMAO at the kung fu part when JB kicks Jimmy’s butt catching Jimmy off guard. lol

justin bieber someday perfume

The commercial for Justin’s new perfume for women, Someday.

Below is the behind-the-scenes:

Thanks again Julissa.


Although Justin Bieber will launch a new female fragrance called “Someday” in June, Bieber will also make history with the ad for the perfume when Justin gets the help of NASA on the campaign.

According to Woman’s Wear Daily, Justin Bieber will offer his female fans a new fragrance called “Someday” in June. However, Bieber is taking a zero gravity approach when it comes to the advertising since the TV spot for Someday will feature model Dree Hemingway in zero G on a Boeing 737 NASA training jet.

The Justin Bieber ad for “Someday” was directed by Terry Richardson and will air from Black Friday through until Christmas.