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justin bieber hugs selena gomez


While Selena Gomez was doing her pre-show hosting duties at the VMA Justin was there to support her the whole time. He even ran onto the stage (0:58 into the video) and gave her a kiss. And when asked by a reporter if he had any pointers for Selena he insisted “She knows what she’s doing. I couldn’t do what she does. She’s amazing.”


Awwww How sweet is this boy?


selena gomez justin bieber vmas 2011 red carpet

The kiss at the end is very adorable.



We did it! Justin just won Best Male Video for “U Smile” at the MTV’s Video Music Awards.

justin bieber vmas mtv 2011 pictures

An echo of screams followed Justin Bieber into the 2011 VMAs as he made his way down the press line –but only half of them were from adoring fans, the rest were freaking out over his snake!

That’s right, a bespeckled Biebs made his way into the award ceremony carrying a snake wrapped around his hand. While small, it definitely stood out as the most interesting arm accessory of the night thus far. He continued the accessory trend with a couple gold neck chains, including one that had a golden skull pendant.

His slithery friend (named Johnson) seemed peaceful as they made their grand entrance, but we’re not sure how PETAs going to feel about this, or his girlfriend Selena Gomez for that matter!

Justin is nominated for his video “Make U Smile.”



Pictured above is the rumored 2011 MTV Video Music Awards scheduled performances. As you can see Justin is “with special guest” for Chris Brown’s performance of “Next To You” while Selena is set to take part in the Britney Spears tribute with Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Victoria (Justice?).

Again is this the rumored list circulating the internet. Personally I don’t think it’s real. Selena has already confirmed that she isn’t taking part in the Britney tribute and I’ve yet to hear any news that Justin will also be performing this year. Guess we’ll have to wait and see this Sunday night.



This Sunday is the MTV Video Music Awards and Justin is nominated for “Best Male Video” for U Smile. He’s only nominated in one category so lets make sure he wins this one. It’s up to us to vote and there’s still time so vote for Justin here.

Can’t wait. This is going to be a very big award show this year. Beyonce, Katey Perry, and Lady Gaga are all performing and there’s going to be a tribute in honor of Britney. So make sure you vote and watch the VMAs this Sunday at 9pm on MTV. And vote please!

UPDATE: Read: Justin Bieber snake charmer at 2011 MTV VMA Red Carpet



Of all award shows, the MTV Videos Music Awards has got to be the most fun. Last year Justin took home the one award he was nominated for, Best New Artist. This year he also gets one nomination, Best Male Video for “U Smile”.


  • Cee Lo Green “F*** You”
  • Eminem feat. Rihanna “Love The Way You Lie”
  • Bruno Mars “Grenade”
  • Kanye West feat. Rihanna & Kid Cudi “All Of The Lights”
  • Justin Bieber “U Smile”

This one will be a harder one to win I think. Hope there’s voting. The VMA’s will be live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on August 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

UPDATE: Yay! We can vote for Justin to win here.