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Jessica Jarrell says that Justin Bieber is a Goofball

This week, Justin Bieber kicked off his first-ever headlining arena tour at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, and he isn’t going at it alone. He is taking along collaborator and R&B star Sean Kingston as well as pop newbie Jessica Jarrell. Though Jarrell and Bieber haven’t known each other for that long, they clearly have already built a rapport together. When they aren’t hitting the stage together night after night for their duet “Overboard,” Bieber has figured out a more devious way to pass the time, and Jessica is worried she won’t be able to keep up.

“He’s a goofball. Like we’re always pulling pranks on each other,” she told MTV News on the tour bus earlier this week before the tour’s big kickoff show. “Actually, I’ll tell you a secret: Him and his dancers, his side of the people, they walk around with water guns and water balloons and you know we’re gonna have a war. We’re gonna have a water gun war, which is going to be fun.”

Fun, perhaps. But Jessica might want to hit up the water gun firing range before she takes Bieber on. Apparently she’s not quite a sharp shooter yet. And apparently he’s kind of got good aim. “I’ve got my water gun! No [I’m not good]!” she laughed about her skills. “So I gotta have some people help me. I’m bad.”