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Caroline Costa – BABY [Cover]

Tres Bien. She’s French. She just turned 14. And she’s incredible.
This girl’s got soul. They need to send her on a plane to America
because this is the next Celine Dion / Mariah Carey.

She’s 13 here. He’s Abraham Mateo. He’s only 11!!

I got goosebumps watching them.

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  • Anonymous

    u rock justin bieber ur gd looking and sexy and thats from??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • BriTtney

    OMG!!! They have a Shrine. Never thought that it would go this far. Preety soon they are going to have to have him in bullet proof gear and stuff because some of the girsl are going insane about Selena and Justin Which i do not think is bad because all of the girls that like him will never ever get a chance. So get a life and stop crushing on someone you will never get!!!!

    • Well we can like anyone we like and in ppls world they can have justin u don’t know thay and I also dont know why girlz r so mad at sealne and Justin I mean I’m happy for them and I’m also happy that sealne has a wonderful guy and justin had a wonderful girl:)

    • Anonymous

      U won’t. Be with me ether

  • coroline is so beautiful she sang that song million time better then justin bieber i wish that i could just ask her out

  • Wow! I love carorlines voice she sang like an angle I really really REALLY! Want to become friends with herahhhhhh i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • she is amazing!!!! and so talented at such a young age!

    • Anonymous

      She is so pretty and so talented I wish I was her

  • Brittany

    Please don’t send her to America, we will mess her up and get her addicted to all types of drugs! lol

  • manar

    yawwwwwwwwwwwww he soo bag

    • MiaMia


  • jessica

    i love u jb so much i like to sing to like u do

  • Nina

    Seriously, so much better than JB…