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Why does JB keep licking her picture?

It looks like pop sensation Justin Bieber has discovered what we knew all along: Vita Chambers is epic!

Pop’s current hot boy was snapped holding an autographed picture of the Like Boom singer while backstage on his current My World tour. Although Justin appears to be very fond of Vita (check out that face!), there isn’t anything for you Beliebers to be freaked out over just yet. Justin isn’t randomly showing his adoration to the young starlet, he’s supporting his tour mate. Vita is currently acting as the opening act on his tour.

If the two’s friendship did take a turn, we vote for Vilieber as their couple name.


Justin Bieber Is Fond Of Tour Mate Vita Chambers


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  • Anonymous

    lmao, sexy 😉

  • WTF!!!! Wow i think he is drunk lol.I wish that was a pic of me!!

    • Anonymous

      i think it’s hot

  • Also they wont be a couple because he is dating selena gomez. P.S stop haten on selena she didnt do anything to you. Its not like ou will date jb and everyone will be happy!!DUHH!!!!

  • Hahahahaaa, he’s such a joker!
    Love You Bieber ♥

  • i love you justin bieber, i love you very mach

  • mabey he like her ya woch awt slena u have compitisin .


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  • zoe

    itz bcus hes handsome and sexy